I am a dog lover. I have rescue dogs, right now 4

rescue dogs live with my wife Brenda and me. Or should

I say we live with 4 dogs.

The saying goes–”Ah, to live the life of a dog”- well there

is some truth to that as there are somethings I’ve noticed

over the years that we could learn from a dog.

Check these out, just a list of 16 things a dog can teach


  1. When a loved one comes home always run to greet them
  2. Never pass up the opportunity for a joyride
  3. Allow the fresh air and wind in your face to be pure ecstasy
  4. When it is your best interest-practice patience & obedience
  5. Let others know when they’ve invaded your territory
  6. Take naps and stretch before rising up
  7. Run,romp, and play daily
  8. Avoid biting when a growl will do
  9. On warm days lie on your back in the grass
  10. On hot days drink lots of water and lay under a tree
  11. When scolded, don’t pot-run back and make friends
  12. Delight in the simple joy of taking a walk
  13. Be loyal
  14. Never pretend to be something you’re not
  15. If what you want is buried-dig until you reach it
  16. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close, and gently nuzzle

 To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Hey listen, the media has you all jacked up about

something you have NO control or influence

over. Seriously. Do you have any control

over the bailouts, the tax increase, the price

of gas. Heck no. But let’s keep you focused

on those things and worrying about those

things totally out of your hands.


Well, one thing you do have control over is

your health. The latest finding from the Center

for Disease Control has come out stating

that obesity actually overtook just being

overweight in our country. Read it here.


Now this is scary and sad at the same time. But

this is something you can help, you can control.

This is an area where you can take control and

not feel helpless. You aren’t going to determine if

AIG gets more of your money–but you can control

what you eat and how you take care of your health.


Most people’s frustration today is talking about the

things that affect them that they have no control

over. Well here is where you can take control and

make a difference.

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Twice a year I put myself through a colon

cleansing fast. It lasts for 5 days and totally

cleans out my intestinal tract and helps me

for the rest of the year absorb the nutrients

I take in with my supportive eating plan.


This is something I recommend to all my clients

and to all the people I speak to at our health



I equate it to pouring premium gas into a luxury

sedan, and then having dirty fuel injectors. Just aren’t

going to get the performance that you want. And also

have the potential to get some debris into the cylinders

of the engine.


If you want to make sure you are getting the nutrients

you put into your body are getting absorbed, get

yourself on a good colon cleansing system, and clean

yourself out.  I know this isn’t the neatest subject to

write about, but hey, it is an important one.

This will help keep you healthy, and that is what I

am about.


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert

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I’m always saying, if you want new things in your life,

you’ve got to DO new things in your life, right?

Or put another way, if you keep doing what you’ve always

done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

So, the list is not big. Small but important stuff.

But boy, is it inspiring to me to think about how I’m

going to accomplish it!

You’ll notice that each section has some  challenging goals

as well as some more ‘simple’ ones.

In the adventure section I’m talking about flying in a

helicopter and I am deathly afraid of heights, fighting in an

MMA fight, well I like how I look at 50.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I have fears like anyone

else and the thought of some of my adventures both

excites me and grips me with fear at the same time.

But I’m doing them because I want to grow as a person

and experience more… a lot more!

In the education section I’m looking at learning new skills

for my business, my profession and life in general. And mostly

grow spiritually.

My Health and Fitness goals are all pretty obvious but include some

goals that are, even to my ears, are downright crazy. Like getting down to

5% bodyfat. Ouch. Or deadlifting 700 again at 50 years old with 3 herniated


Why did I choose that? I don’t know, it just came to me as a gut feeling,

so I trust it and will do it nonetheless.

My financial goals are huge!

I’ve never set such aggressive goals for my finances before.

I have no history for most of them and don’t even know how

I’m going to make them happen, I just know that I’ll be taking

action on multiple fronts at once and bringing to life into ideas

I’ve had for a long time but done nothing about.

My relationship goals are for me to connect with the most

important people in my life and show them that I care.

Like most people, I often get caught up with ‘busyness’ of business 

and forget to show my family how important they are to me.

I’ve taken a lot of action over the last few years to improve this,

like regular vacations, giving up weekend work and trying to be off

phone at the latest 10pm.

I hope that, in some way, they encourage you to think

bigger about your own goals and give you the confidence

to go for what you really want, rather than settling for the

ordinary that most people do.

So here I am transparent for every one to see.

Go on, share your big goals… I dare ya! Double dare ya!


·        Fly in a helicopter

·        Scuba dive

·        Own a chopper

·        Fight in an MMA fight

·        Climb a rock wall


·        Read the Bible all the way through again

·        Get series 7 securities license

·        Get certified as a holistic herboligist

·        Read 12 business books

·        Learn HTML



·        Get bodyfat to 5% and do photos

·        Get to bed by 11pm 6 nights

·        Walk 30 minutes EVERY day

·        Fast 1 day every week

·        Deadlift 700 pounds



·        Increase tithing to 20%

·        Double Women Only Bootcamp income

·        Have 400 clients through GCFinancial

·        Have membership website with over 200 members

·        Pay off ALL debt, including house

·        Set up trust fund to secure Brenda’s future

·        Set up bank account for Brenda and her projects

·        Help a family with bills



·        Have dinner with Brenda every Saturday & Sunday

·        Book a surprise vacation for Brenda

·        Teach Brenda to swim and shoot guns

·        Have dinner with a couple once every month

·        Give Brenda a massage every weekend


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert






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Well it is time to sit down and go over your New Year’s

resolutions.  Do you know that 98% of the people who

have New Year’s resolutions fail? Only 8% succeed at what

they start out the New Year confessing to accomplish.


Now I am not trying to paint a negative picture here. What

I  am going to do is help increase that 8% hopefully.


People fail because they adopt the “all or nothing” attitude.

They are going to drop 50 pounds by June, drop 4 dress

sizes by May, increase their time doing cardio by 1 hour

every day.


All good intentions but wrong mindset. How about dropping

1-2 pounds per week until you reach your desired weight loss.

How about reaching for healthy snacks instead of drive thru.

How about just walking every day for 20 minutes.


Now these are easily obtainable goals for any one. But over the

duration of 2009 you will have lost that 50 pounds, you will

have dropped those dress sizes, you will have increased your



You see, these are long term goals, and with a fitness professional

guiding along the way you will succeed, and you will turn 2009

into a year of victory.


So instead of being one of the 98%, how about getting with some

one to help you and increase that 8% of those that do succeed.


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert




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“Don’t take health tips from celebs if you know what’s good for you”

That is an article from The Times reported December 27th.
Who in their right mind would take health tips from say Oprah? I mean she has only fluctuated in her weight give or minus 80 pounds up and down–mostly up!

Hey how about Demi Moore–she uses “medically trained leeches” for blood detoxification!! Oh I thought Ashton was the only leach in her life. Shame on me.

Hey how about Tom Cruise, we all know he is an expert on drugs and their interactions, right? I mean he is a scientologist–that is the study of science no?

Come on people. Why would you listen to someone whose job in life is to read lines off a paper that someone else wrote. Real brain power there.

Get your advice from a professional in their field. Personally I don’t even get health advice from regular Drs., they are not really trained in this area.

You want some real health advice, get it from a health expert. Someone who has studied and practiced and whose living depends on giving people the right advice.

Myself and my wife Brenda have been helping people for over 30 years live a healthier, fitter life. We are always busy because we know what we are doing and people keep coming to us and refer their friends and family to us because we get results.

Hey, women, you want to get toned and fit and have fun doing it? Come on out and check out the Better Life Fitness Women Bootcamps for Women that we run. Awesome.

You want real nutrition advice that works for you in your real day to day life–get hold of us. You want to drop 10 pounds or 100 pounds, double your strength? Give us a shout out.

Not here to toot our horn, but I am here to give you a heads up before you follow the next waif actress on her cookie diet!

There are many professionals out there who can help you, search one out and utilize them for what they do best, getting people healthy and fit. Not speaking on cue like a trained seal and getting many takes until they get that right!

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert



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Twas the day after Christmas

And all through the crib,

None of us are moving,

In fact we still wearing our bibs.


We had a feast for kings,

A personal buffet we laid out,

We ate til stuffed,

Burped and ate some more,

Then loaded our Tupperware,

And went on our way.


We rode home sprawled out,

Too stuffed to move,

Belts unbuckled and bellies growing,

Definitely not in our groove.

Feet already swollen,



We went through our door,

Went straight to the kitchen,

We popped open that microwave,

And to our dismay

Ate another rendition,

Of our personal buffet.


Well Jesus is great,

And because of the way we ate,

We got on our knees and prayed,

Thank God for Alka-Seltzer and Tums and Maalox

Now hurry up and peel off my too small socks..


Well it is almost 2009,

We look back in awe,

The food we consumed,

How did we eat it all.


Thank you Randy

And your misses Brenda Sue

For they love you so much,

They had foresight to see,

That health is an issue,

Overeating  a tradition,

Extra weight a burden.

That bad health could not be..


So in true love for you

And a deep seated passion,

A Better Life Fitness Center was planted,

For all of you to go,

To retrieve the health that was lost,

On that personal buffet that was ate,

You must now pay the cost.


So onward Mothers,

Onward fathers, children and friends,

For health is a blessing and an honor to God,

With classes, activities, aerobics and like,

The women boot camps, even recumbent bikes,

Treadmills, and weights, jump ropes and tires,

Whatever it takes to get fit and perspire.


So get off your rears,

Get to the center,

And make this year,

A year to remember,

Your fittest and healthiest,

And remember my dears,

It’s all about choices

So next time you eat,

Make it a meal,

And in fairy tales we keep,

The place for king feasts.




To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert





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