Well by the title you can guess what I’m doing today.

Dr. Lederman preformed the surgery and I do recommend him. He said he cleaned
out a ton of debris, bone spurs, and some other stuff. Said I have space between
my bones now, but severe arthritis (bummer). Well actually his words were I had
the knee of an 89 year old who didn’t take care of himself. Well I said praise God
for keeping me walking this long.

So he feels with the space in there now we can inject some fluid in there to give me
a cushion in the joint. Temporary fix, but hey let’s try that and put off the total
joint replacement as long as we can!!!

I received so many well wishes and prayers from all over that it truly was a humbling
experience. Very emotional for me to have touched so many people in so many places
that they would take the time to send me a message of prayer of well wishes.
This made the surgery go so easy for me. I was in the pre-op room just humming and
smiling and praising God. I know I am doing what I was called to do–help others get
their lives and health in order.

A bright note, as I looked forward to the surgery I felt it was finally a step forward and
I dropped 12 pounds in the 10 days after scheduling it! Yep, lifted some depression off
me and got my mind focused on moving forward. The pain I was experiencing wasn’t
just physical, it was emotional also. I was very limited in what I could do the last 2 years
and that played on my mind as my body is my business (or so I thought). Well like I
said after scheduling the surgery I felt a stress relief and knew I was taking a step
forward and my mind shifted gears and I put my eating plan in order and off came the

So like the title says PAIN- can cause problems, emotional pain and the such. So find
what is paining you–dig deep–and cut that off at the root and take that step forward
and I guarantee you will be able to move forward just like me.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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I have so much stuff sent to me from readers from all over the globe and I must say I
really have to shake my head at so much bad and wacky information.

It seems like some of these self promoting fat loss experts think they have to come up
with some new fangled mumbo jumbo fad diet with special supplements taken at
specific times like low tide!

What a crock. People are so desperate to lose the fat that they will actually take the
time to read this stuff and send it to me and ask my opinion.

“Randy what about this new ‘super food’ that comes in a 5 lb. container and is supposedly
going to drop my fat and give me energy like a 20 year old?”

Come on, yea, a new category called a super food. Ah how about your run of the mill
meal replacement powder with a new marketing twist.

You want a meal in a blender? Put 3 ounce juice, 3 ounces water, simple whey protein,
some berries, maybe a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and some crushed ice. There
you go your own meal replacement drink.

Gang it’s not rocket science to get healthy–but it is a journey. There is so much information
out there on the internet, but the internet is like a bathroom stall, any one can write on it.
Know your source, check them out, and make sure they aren’t just trying to make a buck off
you but actually trying to help you. There are some serious marketers out there who know
the health industry in a billion dollar industry and they are marketing expert not fat loss experts.

In fact I follow some info marketers and they tell their clients that they are not fat loss experts
they are marketers!! Oh really?

Well that is my rant for the day, sorry about that.

On a side note 2 things.

1) Last week I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary and I am a blessed man to be married to
my wonderful wife. I must say I am truly blessed.

2) Thursday the 29th I go in for surgery on my right knee. 6th one on this knee and a bigger one
that just a scope to clean things up. This one is a preliminary for a total knee replacement.
Appreciate any prayers for a successful operation and a super natural recovery. I will keep
you posted on the results this weekend.

Have a great prosperous and healthy day tomorrow and share a smile with someone.

See You At The Top,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
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Well it has come to that fork in the road where the decision had to be made.
I have set up an appointment with a specialist to have my right knee totally

Yep. July 19th I have my official consultation to set up with the Dr. to have him
replace my knee joint and give me back a quality of life I have been lacking for
some time.

Now I have put this off for 1 reason—
Fear. Fear of having my leg cut in half and have a fake joint put in. Every one
is so happy that I am finally doing this. Easy for them, I’m the one getting the

Fear of actually finally getting this done, fear of being put under, fear of it
not turning out right, fear of being off work too long and financially not being
able to sustain paying our bills.

For me getting this surgery is like many people putting off what they know they
need to do to get healthy. They know they need to eat healthier and also start
an exercise program. And like my new knee this has to be a life long decision.

You see a healthy fit life isn’t a 6 week program, it isn’t trying to eat right, and
it isn’t going to give it a shot. It is adapting a new life style and making adjust-
ments along the way.

Many are afraid of change. Many are scarred of success. When they do achieve
that fat loss and drop 3 sizes they are scared of people expecting to see them
fail and blow back up which is the scenario for many.

Well just like me if you want to succeed you have to put your business out there
so you know people are watching. Now here is the mindset you have to have once
you take that leap and put your business out there for every one to see. You have
to know there is no turning back and you will succeed-no ifs, ands, or buts-period!

So I challenge you to let your friends know what you are doing, you will quickly find
out who your real friends are. If they encourage you great, if they ask why you know
you’ll just gain the weight back or you won’t stick with the exercise-get some new

Like me, you need support and encouragement. You need people in your corner to
help you take that turn in the road where there is no tuning back. This is it, you
have made the decision and it’s time to move forward.

So as I embark on having my knee replaced and getting my life back I encourage
you to get on the road to a healthier you.

I am here for you and many others are also. So time to get going and to never
be where you are today again.

I will keep you posted on my surgery and will document my recovery and progress.
I will take pictures and also post those. Why? Because by doing so I am being
accountable to thousands. I suggest you do the same and draw a line in the
sand and find yourself some accountability partners to help you on your journey.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
Michigan’s Premier Women’s Bootcamp

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Many people contact me telling me they want to lose weight and get fit.

Other people tell me they desire to get the fat off they are carrying.

Others are wishing they could just lose that fat that they have been carrying around for years.

Then there are those that have a goal to get healthy and do what ever it takes to get there.

My job as the world’s premier fat loss expert is to take you from wanting, desiring and wishing
to having a goal to accomplish what you have been wanting to do for some time.

It isn’t enough to just want to get healthy, heck I want to be 6 feet tall.
Desire is a term for longing for something you really don’t believe you can obtain.
And a wish is what you do when you blow out birthday candles.

Now a goal—a goal is a concrete vision of what you are going after. A goal has a plan in
place to get there. A goal is an actual specific target that you will hit.

So how do we turn wants, desires, and wishes into goals? You have to sit down and really
know what you are striving for. You have to develop a systematic plan to take you there.
And you have to know that you will succeed.

This has been my career for the last 32 years, helping people recognize their real goal and to
help them develop the plan to get there. I have helped thousands do just that. Where are you
at right now? Are you wishing you could lose that 20 pounds you gained after college? Are
you desiring to get back that high school figure? Do you want to get that waist down those 4 inches
you picked up in the last 3 years?

After you read this go sit down by yourself, turn off the t.v and the phone, and really be honest
with yourself and write down what it is you want to achieve with your body and health.

Next how are you going to get there, how long are you giving yourself, what steps are you going
to take to get there? This is where most all people fail. Why? Because if they knew the answers to
these questions they would have already accomplished their goal. Because they don’t know what
to do they end up doing nothing. Then that piece of paper that was a goal is just a memory and now
they are wishing, wanting, desiring. This is mental torture and so draining on one’s self esteem and

Now how can you avoid falling in this mess? Well if you could afford to and was accessible to me
you could hire me. That isn’t realistic for many. So I urge you to search out a reputable professional
trainer in your area who has a proven track record with helping people like you.

Are you tired of wishing? Are you just sick of wanting something that you can’t seem to get? Has
your desire to get there diminished? If that is you please do yourself a great favor and invest in
yourself and search out for that person that you can connect with that can help you.

I look forward to hearing about all your success stories.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Welcome back loyal and faithful readers. Well actually welcome me back as I have taken a break
from posting here as I have been working on some projects dear to my heart.

First I have been working on a book I will soon have out laying out in simple terms how it really is
easy and not complicated at all to live a healthy and fulfilled life. This book will blow the lid off of
many so called experts who try and sound like they just discovered a new supplement or diet that
will totally revolutionize the world of fat loss. These come around every 6 months or so from all the
internet marketing fat loss experts who all pull together and promote each other’s material. For profit
of course and also so when they take their turn every one will promote them. Interesting isn’t it how
one month they come out with the best plan and 5 months later they are promoting their friends plan
as the newest and best plan. Quite amusing if it wasn’t preying on the emotions of those trying to lose
weight. I expect to have the book done by September and available before Thanksgiving.

I also took a side road in my career and added a component that fits perfectly with what I have
been doing for over 30 years–that of helping people be healthy and fit. I have been working with
people to become financially healthy and fit also. I have actually been helping people secure their
retirement so as they age and live a healthy life they can actually afford to enjoy those retirement
years. So this new addition to my life’s path is a great addition to what I already have been doing.

Another factor that has kept me from posting is we have experienced a nice growth in our fitness
boot camps and with the added number of women comes the responsibility of giving them every tool
I can to make their efforts a success. I have been going over their food journals, answering questions
through e-mail, and even doing phone consultations (all of these they get when enrolling in our boot camps).

I have also been nursing my injured knees and thigh! It has gotten to he point where I have decided
that it is time to have my right knee joint completely replaced. This is the knee that had a wall fall on
it in 1989 and was told then I need to have it replaced. Well I have put it off up to now but my quality
of life is not where I want it. I am in constant pain, cannot go for walks with Brenda in our back yard,
cannot pedal a bike, actually Brenda has to help me put my pants on and my socks and shoes!! Yuch,
God bless her but this is unacceptable and can be fixed with a new joint. So I am scheduling this for
around Labor Day so I won’t miss much as we will be taking a break then for 3 days any ways. Also
by getting my right knee repaired I will be able to finish rehabbing and strengthening my left leg that
was totally repaired last summer. So come fall you will have a new and improved Randy. Yea.

Now a bad note, because of the inactivity I have had since my surgery on my left leg I have gained
40 pounds!!! Whoa–how did that happen Randy? Well, inactivity, depression, and having a history of
being obese it was the perfect storm. But as of June 14th I will be embarking on my regimen that I use
for everyone else who is limited in physical activity and I will journal it here for you to see so you can
see how simple it is and how effective it is without being able to do countless hours on the bike or
treadmill. Actually I cannot do either one right now.

So welcome back, hang on, and let’s go on this journey called life together and slay those dragons
and fend off those fiery darts that get thrown our way.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
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As the premier fat loss expert searched out from all over the globe I get asked
many questions daily.
One of the main questions is what do I recommend as the #1 supplement to take.
Well that depends on your problem or your goal. But I can let you in on something
that many people are missing.
First let me ask you some questions okay?

Do you want to improve your energy?

Do you want to improve your mental performance?

Do you want to improve your physical performance?

Do you want to improve your strength?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you need help with digestion?

Do you suffer from headaches and dizziness?

Do you want to detoxify your system?

Do you suffer from memory loss?

Well if you answered yes to any or all of these questions I have the remedy for you.
Now I am no snake oil salesman like many out there. I am not peddling the latest newest
greatest meal replacement powder. (That name should tell you a meal is something that
you shouldn’t replace)

No, I am going to give you free advise and tell you where to get help for free!!

Believe it or not one, yes one most important supplement can help with ALL these
things! And the cost will surprise you.

It’s actually going to make you think I’m pulling your leg when I tell you what this one
thing is.

Now remember, please do your own research, I want you to check out everything
I or anyone else tells you. But I have nothing to gain by sharing this with you except
helping you gain your health and goal and maybe fix a problem for you.

By now you have to be wondering what is this magic potion that I am going to tell you
about. So without further wait……………………………………………………………….


Yep good old H2O. This is one mighty important thing that so many people are
lacking in. How do I know–I have been dealing with helping people for 32 years.

Unless you drink half you body weight in ounces of water you are suffering from one of
or many of the above. If you weigh 200 pounds you need to take in 100 ounces of water.
I have had people tell me that that is a lot of water, so I tell them to lose some weight
and they won’t have to drink so much. Gotta love my humor.

So there you have it folks. The number one “supplement” you need is good old water.

In fact you can’t live without out it and can’t live life to the fullest without taking in
enough of it.

Till next time –drink up.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Many times it is the little things that can throw your fat loss success into a holding pattern.
Some fat loss experts decide not to tell you these, for if you adhere to these along
with a solid eating plan and exercise routine you won’t really need them and their services any
longer. So their dilemma is to stay true to their ethics and help you or to look at their bank
account and see a need for you to keep using them. Well as you can see I have no problem
sharing these with you. I know I will always have something to offer, and the more people I can
help the more I in return will be blessed.

So without further delay–here are 7 mistakes many make in their quest for fat loss that us fat loss
experts know can hold you back from losing that fat.

1) Too Many Carbohydrates.
I believe in the careful intake of complex carbohydrates. I am a proponent of low carb diets, but I know this is not a lifestyle for many to live. So I have clients take in enough carbohydrates(carbs) to fuel them, and not more than is needed as this will lead to the extras being stored as body fat. Most people simply do not train hard enough to justify a massive carb intake. A carb intake of 5 servings per day and aim for 30-50 grams of carbs per meal to shed fat is a good guideline. Start at a higher intake such as 50 grams of carbs per meal. If you lose weight, continue with 50 grams per meal. If you fail to lose, drop to 40 grams per meal, and so forth, until you hit the right amount. Most of you will not need more than 30 a meal. Consume all carbs at meals with protein. This is another fat loss expert truth.

2) Too Much Protein.
When eating to lose fat, carbs should be slowly reduced. However, many of you take an overly aggressive approach in hopes of creating an overnight miracle and cut back too far on the carbs. When you restrict carbs, your protein intake needs to increase. But over indulging in too much protein can also prevent fat loss by contributing to too many calories. As a rule, shoot for 3/4 – 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight each day. Don’t kid yourself and think you need more protein as if you are a muscle monster.

3) No Late Night Carbs.
As the day wears on into the evening, your metabolism slows down. Carbs eaten at night are less likely to be used up as fuel and are more likely to be stored as body fat. I have my clients taper down each meal so be dinner they are only eating green fibrous carbs and no complex carbs. A good dinner is lean protein and a fibrous carb. As I say “Lean and green”. You do not need the carbs to watch t.v. at night!

4) Skipping Breakfast.
Want to get lean and eat a lot? Have a great breakfast. Of your 4-5 daily meals, the one that is least likely to end up on your waist, thighs and hips is breakfast. In the morning, muscle glycogen stores are lower than during any other part of the day. When glycogen stores are low, your body’s capacity to take carbohydrates and store them as body fat is hampered. I like the car analogy–you fuel up in the morning
for the daily commute, but when you pull into the garage at night you don’t need the gas because you
are parked in the garage (or recliner).

5) Too Much Cardio.
We love the commando cardio kings and queens who perform 1-2 hours of cardio a day. (You know you’re out there!) You will send your body into a tailspin, a state where the “starvation hormones” secreted by the body skyrocket (it’s your body’s survival mechanism, a response to too much exercise!) causing fat cells to try to hold on to everything! Moderate cardio is the way to go. Five to six 30-40 minutes sessions per week is all that it takes. Any more than that and you run the risk of losing precious muscle, and we know if you lose muscle you will slow down your metabolism, and guess what–you’ll gain fat! This is why I cringe when
I go into a big chain gym and see all the sheep lined up on all the cardio equipment and bragging to each other how much cardio they do. Like it’s a badge of honor – when actually it’s a lack of knowledge.

6) Never “Cheating” on Your Diet.
You all know where I stand on this one. This is this fat loss experts weapon of choice. Have one meal a week
and let loose and satisfy your cravings, it’s helpful in losing weight. This is because constant dieting will eventually slow down your metabolism. Strict dieting also takes its toll on you mentally, and can leave you feeling deprived. That’s a bad combo! Taking in a high calorie meal once a week not only provides a mental break from dieting, but helps you side-step roadblocks by preventing the body from entering a starvation state where the metabolic rate slows. It’s what I call a “cheat meal.” Notice i said “cheat meal” not “cheat day” or you could end up blowing an entire week’s worth of progress.

7) Paying Attention to the scale only.
The bathroom scale is not the holy grail of measurement of fat loss. You can also monitor a couple of other things, primarily energy and strength. If you’re losing weight and you have plenty of energy and strength, you’re losing body fat – guaranteed. If you’re losing weight, yet feeling really tired or are seeing constant drops in your training efforts during your workouts, then you’re likely also burning off muscle tissue. My two
measuring tools for fat loss—your pants and the mirror! Yep, if your pants are getting looser and you are looking better in the mirror–throw the scale out with the doritos and get on the road to a leaner, healthier you.

I hope these “7 Mistakes Many People Make” help you. As The Fat Loss Expert it is my job to give you all
the ammo you need on the war on fat. So now you are armed and loaded so go to battle and destroy the enemy we call fat.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Well things have been going as expected. You readers have received my “Fat Loss Experts Secrets
Revealed” tips with a big thank you.

The so-called fat loss experts who proclaim to “be there for you” have raised a firestorm with me
for shedding some light on the truth behind fat loss and pulling back the curtain to reveal all the
“Wizards of Ozs” are not quite what they claim to be.

The next secret I am going to share with you disrupts the “dieting” gurus to no end.
I have used this technique a lot over the last 30 years helping bodybuilders to lose the
body fat they need to to get on stage at 6% body fat. Now none of us need to get that
low-unless you are competing on stage-and if that is that case I suggest you hire me to
walk you through the process right up to contest time. But the rest of us who are just
looking to shed those unwanted pounds this works wonders for you too obviously.

The common myth that the fat loss experts hold dear to is you must eat perfect every day
or you will fail and you are a loser with no discipline if you don’t – that just isn’t true.

There is no such thing as eating perfect, in fact when I design an eating plan for a client I
design it for that individual. I wish there was a diet I could give to every one and one diet only,
but it doesn’t work that way. In concept there are principles that if followed you will succeed
in dropping fat, but I can only work with a few people at a time as it is tales so much time I must
devote to that person.

Now back to eating perfect-ha, I haven’t eaten perfect in 32 years. Why-because if I did my
metabolism would slow down and adjust to my caloric intake and I would stop losing weight or at
least have a harder time keeping it off. No-I cheat once a week-and I mean throw down with
the grub.

This does 2 things for my body and mind. For my mind it keeps me sane and satisfies my cravings
for something I will not eat all week. I will not touch certain foods ever-that is until my cheat
meal-then I will partake in that food. Lasagna is one of, if not my favorite food, but I will not eat
this unless I save it for my cheat meal, which for me is Sundays after church.

Now what this does for my body is 2 things. I will be calorie restrictive or in maintenance during
the 6 days proceeding this meal (meal-not day). This can check or slow down my metabolism, and
and if I restrict my carbohydrate intake deplete my glycogen storage. Now if we are trying to lose weight
we do not want our metabolism to slow down or our weight loss will come to a crashing halt. So
by me having my cheat meal once a week on the same day always- I recharge my metabolism to
burning on high so the following week I will again be in the fat burning mode. This is true for every one.
Also by refilling my glycogen in my muscles I have more energy and can exercise harder to burn up
even more that if I was glycogen depleted.

This is a brief over view of the system I have been using for 30 years with great success as my
track record with bodybuilding champions along with clients who have lost the weight they desired
will prove. I will go into more detail in the next “Fat Loss Expert Secrets Revealed” tip or myth
as I expose the truth behind losing weight.

Until then relax and know that perfect is reserved for one-and it isn’t us! So enjoy life and know there
is a light at the end of that tunnel we call weight loss struggles and I will help you get there.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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What the fat loss experts won’t tell you I will.

I will probably lose my Bally’s and Gold’s Gym friendly status after this!

If you go into any big commercial gym you will see that half of the gym is dedicated to
cardio equipment. Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and such. Why does a business dedicate
that much money and space to this equipment? Because the public demands it. Why
does the public demand it, because they have been DUPED into thinking that aerobic
activity is the answer to all their weight problems.

“What do you mean Randy?”

I mean that people have been buffaloed into thinking that if they get on the treadmill
for so many minutes every night they will “burn” the fat they carry and get that elusive
6-pack that they see splashed on advertising all over. Where did this myth come from?

Heck where did the exercise ball idiocy come from? That is a real winner in the world of
marketing a useless object. Where did the “work the core” slogans come from? They
came from people writing a book or selling something to make a buck–that’s where.
You know those fat loss experts who are selling their latest greatest new fat burning
method that you have to have. The human body has not changed–muscles burn fat
still to this day.

Listen, if you want to get lean build some muscle and move it. That’s right get bigger to
get smaller. Huh? Put on some muscle you either have lost over time or build some new
muscle and get it moving and use it. I am not talking about looking like The Hulk, I am
talking about putting a thin layer of muscle on you. Muscle burns calories just having it,
then if you start using it and moving it you increase the calorie burning action tremendously.
This will give you the fat loss you are looking for.

I can take an overweight person, never touch a piece of cardio equipment and peel the fat
off them fast, and still allow them to eat more than a person who spends their days watching
Oprah while pedaling away.

When I go from powerlifting at 320 to being fit at 230 I never once, not once, did any type of
cardio. The most I walked was from the couch to the bathroom! And I have done this many
times. And I now stay at 230-235 and still don’t do cardio. (injuries)

How did I lose all that fat? I moved the muscle I had and worked out 1 hour 3 days a week.

Will this work for everyone–if you have as much muscle as me it will.

Muscle burns calories more efficiently, so you can eat an adequate amount of food to provide
the body with nutrients that it needs, without the worry of gaining unhealthy body fat. Also
because you can only diet so low, as you do cardio until the cows come home, you will lose
muscle unless you feed the body and give the muscles resistance training to keep them. But
cardio kings and queens don’t, and as they lose muscle their metabolism slows and they have
to lower their calories even more, then more. Then before you know it they are deficient in
nutrients their body requires and then they are a real mess.

Am I against doing cardio? Absolutely not. It is heart healthy and great for your circulatory
system. Is it the magic to getting lean–hardly. But the fat loss experts that could care less
if you succeed won’t tell you this. Well actually they do care if you succeed, if you succeed
they are out of business. Shoot, take the cardio out of the gyms and you wouldn’t have
enough members to pay the light bill.

So when you go to a gym, remember you are going to a gym to build muscle. Yes ladies, you too.
Remember a paper thick sheet of muscle. When you go to the track you are going there to
run or walk. Use the gym what it was intended for and you will be blessed with the results you
are after.

Take this scripture to heart–Hosea4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Listen up and learn and win at this game of life.

Here are some side benefits of weight training that you will receive also.

Weight training can increase your bone density. This will help you to prevent osteoporosis and prevent injuries.

Weight training increases body balance and body awareness.

You can enhance your physical appearance. Not everyone is blessed with proportionate body parts. A person can actually transform their body by filling out certain areas of their body with muscle. You can widen the shoulder girth, fill out the buttocks, reshape the legs and arms, fill out the chest area for more fullness, or widen the back to give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Everyone can have a balanced body if they choose to through smart weight training!(ain’t going to happen on a treadmill)

You will increase confidence and mental image.

You will feel alive! You will be so in tuned to your body.

This my friends is why I will tell you to weight train. If Richard Simmons is your role model of a body,
dance away. If not get lifting weights.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Fat Loss Expert Secret #2 Revealed


You know by me spilling the beans on this myth I am costing me and my wife
a nice income of money from the sales I could generate from my endorsement
of some of the junk out there. I mean this site is ranked #3 in the world for
“Fat Loss Expert” on google search. I have people from all over the world
who come to me for advice and answers to their problems so I am giving up a
lot of possible income from exposing this myth. But I must and I will expose it
for what it is so that you can continue trusting me.

This myth is as old as the hills, yet it persists. It must be that the thought of
melting fat from any desired part of the body is so appealing, that you want to
believe it even though you really know this can not be.

In reality your body will lose weight wherever it wants to. It’s safe to say
that you’ll lose fat “the last place on, first place off’“. So if you put on weight
first in your thighs and then on your waist, then expect it to come off your waist
first and then your thighs.

Come on now, so if you have a fat arm you could do bicep curls all day long
and according to this myth your arm would lean out! What a load of do-do.

Just focusing on crunches will not make your midsection chiseled. Hey, ab crunches
are great, and you should do them, do them to strengthen your abdominal
muscles, improve your digestion, but don’t rely on them to get skinny and get
that much wanted six pack.

Now of course by me telling you this I will be hurting the sales of all those info
commercial snake oil sales people that are hyping the “latest, greatest,
revolutionary ab workout rotary-twisting-oblique crunching-six pack mania
developer”. Yes a lot of spokes people will have egg on their face and less
of your money in their bank accounts if you will just learn this myth is just
that a myth.

I might even classify this as a lie–much worse than a myth–as people are
espousing this on television and making money off people that are desperate
to lose fat and lean down.

Well I just got blacklisted by many in the industry who promote these products
and share in the profits of them. Yes I could sell these on my website and make
a nice little income as people trust me and know I am “The Fat Loss Expert”, but
I also have ethics and can’t lie to you.

One of the common ones I see in my fitness center and boot camps is the sweat
belts that people buy to “sweat the fat” off their stomachs. Heck if that was the
just go wrap yourself in saran wrap and lay in the sun and sweat away. Let me
help you here- sweat is water and fat is fat. And if you really really believe and
click your heels together you can go home Dorothy-another fairy tale!

A trim midsection will only come as a result of proper nutrition, effective cardio
and consistent resistance training. Combing the cardio with the resistance training
into what we call interval training is the fastest most effective way to blast the
fat and to drop the flab and get fit and toned at the same time.

So when you are channel surfing at 3a.m. and come across the latest new gizmo
to melt the fat off just your abs and give you that sexy stomach–do yourself
a favor and just keep clicking that remote.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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