I know you are thinking what is Randy talking about? Isn’t he the one always preaching
“Real food isn’t served through windows”

Well there are people out there who are in a time crunch, maybe haven’t prepared for their
day, or have not gotten to the point yet of giving up fast food.

So for me to do my job right I need to find options for those who find themselves rolling
up on McDonald’s to order their meal (if you stop and think about it that really is crazy).

There are a few choices out there that are healthier for you than others. A couple will
actually suffice for a meal if you find yourself in a jam. Now this is only if you are in a
jam and NEED to eat. This isn’t meant for you to say “Hey, Randy said I could eat here.”
No, only if you are really needing a meal.

McDonald’s has an item I checked out called the “Chicken Chipolte Wrap” Grilled of course.
This is something that actually has protein, low in fat, and hey it’s cheap also. They also
offer a grilled chicken salad. Now these two could work for you and they are not that
unhealthy. So if in a REAL pinch and you come up on a McDonald’s order a grilled chicken chipolte
wrap or a grilled chicken salad.
Now with the salad it is important to get a light dressing and DO NOT put it on the salad.
Remember this is a salad not a soup! Dip your fork tines in the dressing then grab some
salad. This is all the flavoring you need.

Now this will really shock you, Taco Bell, yes Taco Bell, has something you could grab in a
pinch if NEEDED. I know crazy huh, Taco Bell.
Well they have a “Fresco Menu” and on it is a soft taco chicken fresco. They also have a
steak soft taco fresco. Yes these would work for you if you are needing a meal and on the road.

Now remember, this is not to suggest you eat at these places, this is if you are really in need
of something and you won’t be home or where you are going for an hour or so. So don’t go
around thinking I told you to start eating these foods. But……. if you do go there these meals
would work for you and help keep you on the road to a better you.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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1.5 MILLION vs. 30,000 MAYBE

# Heart disease: 631,636
# Cancer: 559,888
# Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 137,119
# Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,583
# Diabetes: 72,449
# Alzheimer’s disease: 72,432

These are the numbers from the United States government on causes of death in the USA.
Now all we here about is the chance that this flu virus MIGHT come and infect the country
and MIGHT, POSSIBLY, CHANCE OF kill up to 90,000 people. As you might not know we average
60,00 deaths a year from the flu already.

So we are talking about MAYBE 30,000 more people and this is all we here about. Every day it is
a panademic coming and just destroying us. I am not down playing the deaths of those that the
virus will kill–but I see a much larger panademic that is currently running rampant in our country
and really not much being said about it. I am talking about swine flu and you eating like a swine!

From the list above you can attribute 1,5000,000 deaths a year to the lifestyles and eating habits
of our population. Folks that is 1.5 million people who die EVERY year and growing due to poor
eating and lifestyle choices. These things can actually be helped, a virus we have no control
over. So let me ask you-are you more worried about being one of the few who may get the
flu and of those a small percentage who might die from it-or are you going down the road of
many, many more and choosing a lifestyle that is killing 1.5 million just in the USA alone yearly?

You can change what you eat, you can decide to exercise, you can decide not to smoke, or
you can sit home and watch the news and worry about getting the flu while you eat your
potato chips and drink your slurpee and be unaware that you have a much greater chance of
killing yourself this way than the flu taking you out.

Educate yourself on nutrition, get exercising and by doing this you will actually improve your
immune system and reap the benefits of fighting off the flu or cold and also winning the war on
dying early from your choices you make.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Whoa, slow down there don’t be calling the politically correct police on
me just yet. Hear me out.

But you do gotta admit the title got your attention.

A new study by UCLA professor Paul Thompson shows obese people have 8
percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals! Their brains look 16 years
older than the brains of lean individuals, researchers report.

Now those just overweight have 4 percent less brain tissue and their brains appear
to have aged prematurely by 8 years. 65% of the United States is consideredoverweight!
Maybe this is why you scratch your head and wonder where common sense went.

The results represent “severe brain degeneration,” reports Thompson. Now I can say “Fat
and Stupid:!

Thompson states “That’s a big loss of tissue and it depletes your cognitive reserves,
putting you at much greater risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases that attack the brain.”
“But you can greatly reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s, if you can eat healthily and keep your
weight under control.” (Novel idea there.)

Hey like I have always said take care of the insides and the outsides will go along for the ride.

We know obesity brings negative health effects, including increased risk of heart disease,
Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and some cancers. It’s also been shown to reduce sexual activity.
Bummer for you wannabe Romeos. So not only are you stupid for getting obese you will become
even stupider and not realize that you’re killing yourself. Quite a paradox you think.

(Reminds me of my uncle who wanted to have himself committed but the mental hospital said
if you know you are crazy you aren’t really crazy because you recognize the fact you are. *true

More than 300 million worldwide are now classified as obese, according to the World Health
Organization. Another billion are overweight. That’s a lot of diminished brains there. The main
cause, experts say: bad diet, including an increased reliance on highly processed foods. Can we
say drive thru mania?

Obese people had lost brain tissue in the frontal and temporal lobes, areas of the brain critical
for planning and memory, and in the anterior cingulate gyrus (attention and executive functions), hippocampus (long-term memory) and basal ganglia (movement).
Overweight people showed brain loss in the basal ganglia, the corona radiata, white matter comprised
of axons, and the parietal lobe (sensory lobe).

The brains of obese people looked 16 years older than the brains of those who were lean, and in
overweight people looked 8 years older,” Thompson said.

I guess if diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and even low libido don’t make you
think about losing weight than maybe you have already lost that 8% of your brain!

Don’t hate the messenger!!! I write this out of love.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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As the Fat Loss Expert I get asked many times what to eat. Well unless
we can do a consultation I cannot give a definitive answer to your individual
needs based on your like, dislikes, activity, allergies, etc..

But I can give you a list of basic foods you should have in your refrigerator or

Burning fat starts in your kitchen. If you don’t have the right foods for fat loss, your chances
of weight loss efforts will be severely hindered. So the best tool to keep the pounds off is to
keep your kitchen stock piled with healthy foods that will enable you to work towards your fitness
goals. Below are MUST-HAVE foods for your kitchen if your goal is fat loss.

1) Omega-3 eggs. The number 1 source of protein there is. All protein is compared to the egg.
Yes eat the whole egg. If you are a reader of mine you know the yolk is actually beneficial to
your health. If you don’t know this research this and sign up for my free health newsletter
where I go into detail about the egg and the yolk in one part of the series you will receive.

2) Cottage Cheese: Low calorie, high protein snack absorbs the flavor of any food you mix it
with, whether it’s tuna, nuts, or yogurt. At 90 calories & 14 grams of protein per serving, you can’t
go wrong using this for one of your fat loss snack foods. Absolutely delicious when mixed with

3) Yogurt: Low in calories and filled with nutrients, this fat loss food will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Provides a bit of protein, and tastes delicious when mixed with nuts or cottage cheese. Brenda likes
hers plain and she just adds stevia. One warning here – watch the sugar added to many brands!!

4) Almonds – The fitness nut has all the nutrients you need to stay on track. While it may appear
to be high in fat, it’s contains the good fat you need to actually burn fat. Believe it or not, our
bodies need fat to function. There’s no better place to get it than in Almonds. Cashews, walnuts,
macadamia nuts are also great choices. Remember to limit portion sizes.

5) Chicken Breast – Chicken breast is a staple to any person’s diet for healthy living. This Fat
Loss Food favorite of mine provides tons of muscle building fat burning protein. 4-5 ounces at a
time is all you need to get 25-35 grams of protein. There are so many different ways you can prepare chicken, you’ll never get tired of it.

6) Lean Hamburger Meat – I know, many people think hamburger meat is “bad”. But if you buy
the lean ground beef, it’ll yield about 4 grams of fat, and a whopping 20-25 grams of protein
per 4 ounces. Put it with whole grain bread, and you’ll have the ultimate meal balance. I will
tell you I LOVE red meat!!

7) Tilapia – For those who aren’t keen on fish, tilapia doesn’t have that fishy taste. Filled with
omega-3′s to rev your metabolism. Contains 20-25 grams of protein per 4 ounces, and is super
easy to prepare! But buy the wild not farm raised. Throw some spices on it and grill or bake it.

icon cool 11 BEST FOODS TO HAVE AT HOME Tuna – Another protein of the sea, and one of the best fat loss foods available. Tuna
is jam packed with protein, and also a great source of the important essential fats your body
needs. I add a can of it to a salad of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and celery with home made dressing.

9) Brown rice- this is one of the ultimate carb sources for you. And it is cheap. It’ll help maintain your
insulin levels for you to burn fat 24/7, and mixes well with tuna, shrimp, lean hamburger meat,
or chicken. Add some spices and you have a perfect meal.

10) Sweet Potatoes – If anything cures a sweet tooth, it’s sweet potatoes. Containing slow
absorbing carbs, it’s a must have for any fitness buff. Mix it with a moderate amount of protein,
and you’ll be satisfied and full of energy. One of mine and Brenda’s favorites and staples.

11) Whole grain Bread – Many people say stay away from breads of any kind. I’m hear to tell you,
whole grain bread is perfect for lean hamburgers, tuna sandwiches, and even just a carb filler
on the side. It’ll keep your energy levels stable, and allow you to hit the gym running.

If you keep your kitchen stocked with these Top Fat Loss Foods, you can’t go wrong… and you’ll
prime your body to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your fat Loss Expert

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My 7 Keys To Controlling Hunger!

If you’re like me and have constant food cravings, here are 7 steps you can take to help the situation. The first thing to do is to make sure you’re eating correctly for your metabolic type. This will help a lot. If you’re certain that you are eating as you should for your metabolic type and you still feel hungry all the time, consider these tips to control that hunger demon.

1. Don’t skip meals. You should be eating 4-6 meals a day, and spacing your meals throughout the day so that you don’t go longer than 3-4 hours without eating. This will keep your blood sugar levels and hunger hormones stable. This is important.

2. Drink lots of water. When you feel as if you’re starving, pour yourself a huge glass of water- it will help quiet the urge to snack. A rule of thumb is drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. If you weigh 150 pounds drink 75+ ounces of water a day.

3. Sleep! Two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, regulate our appetite, and both are affected by how much sleep you get. These hormones work in a kind of “checks and balances” system to control feelings of hunger and fullness. Getting eight hours of sleep each night helps the hormones work properly, which in turn will help curb your appetite. also your growth hormone is excreted during sleep–GH burns fat and rebuilds muscle!

4. Ask yourself why are you hungry. hunger. The next time you feel hungry between meals, when was the last time you ate. If it was less than three to four hours earlier, your stomach isn’t growling, and you’re not weak or tired, you’re probably using food as an emotional outlet, check yourself. What besides eating soothes you. Think positive thoughts of self-worth and you’ll choose activities and behaviors that contradict self-pity and self-destructiveness. Get a check-up from the neck up.

5. Don’t stress out. You will lose weight. Even if you’re eating a little more than the meal plan calorie allowance, you can still lose — it will just take a little longer. Exercise is also crucial. Working out harder and more often will help burn the extra calories you might take in if you have a bad day. Get to boot camp.

6. Do not beat yourself up! (leave that to me and our instructors). Sometimes you slip up, and that’s okay — healthy living is not an all out-or-nothing deal. I’m here for you, and I know you can do this. Believe in yourself and try to incorporate my suggestions into your life, and let’s see you do it.

7. Have a support system in place. Studies show that with an accountability partner or more, you
will have a 75% success rate compared to a 8% success rate without one. This is why the people
in our boot camps succeed so well. They are in a social circle of like minded individuals all supporting
each other to reach their goals. Get involved with a support system. This is the principle behind Weight Watchers, A.A, and any system devoted to yo succeeding. Plug in and stay connected.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

Michigan’s Premier Boot Camps
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We know we need to eat healthy nutritious food to have a healthy, lean, vibrant
life. But did you know that out of the 4-6 meals a day you need to eat 2 of them will
determine your success for living that life?


Yep, like mother said eat breakfast like a king. She was right according to a study at Virginia
Commonwealth University.
In an eight month study of obese people those who ate a 600 calorie breakfast with a small
lunch and dinner lost an average of 40 pounds. Your hormones that transform food into energy
are at their peak at sunrise. So a breakfast with plenty of protein (eggs, lean meat, protein drinks)
will kick up your metabolism and reduce hunger and cravings Later in the day.
So get up have a real breakfast and lose some fat.

You see, if you’re someone who regularly lift weights or participates in resistance training, or
attends boot camps the time period from when you complete your first repetition of a workout until about an hour after your workout is complete is something we call the “critical window”.

Simply put, when it comes to building muscle, losing fat, increasing performance, and recovering from exercise, this 90 minute period is more important than the other 22.5 hours of each day COMBINED.

And that’s the truth.

It is during this time that your body is extremely primed to suck up nutrients in order to:

1. Replenish muscle carbohydrate energy stores
2. Halt muscle tissue catabolism (breakdown)
3. Initiate protein synthesis (lean muscle construction)

But it only occurs IF you give your body the proper nutrients in the right proportions during this critical time.

So what are the proper nutrients?

1. Maltodextrin/Dextrose – These rapidly digested carbohydrates will quench the catabolic hormone cortisol, produce a dramatic insulin spike for the purpose of shuttling nutrients into muscle tissue, and will begin to replenish muscle glycogen stores which have been somewhat depleted during exercise.

2. Whey protein isolate – Intense training causes an extreme amount of damage to muscle tissue at the cellular level, causing muscle protein balance to slip into the negative range. This fast-digesting protein further spikes insulin, helps bump protein balance back up to positive values, and sparks protein synthesis (the construction of calorie-burning lean muscle tissue).

How about the “right proportions”?

Research has shown that combining these simple sugars and fast action proteins in a 2:1 ratio yields the greatest results.

As far as your RESULTS are concerned, there seriously isn’t anything else more important, more EFFECTIVE than dextrose/maltodextrin and whey protein isolate in a 2:1 ratio sipped both during and after your workout.


Doing this ONE thing right will have you achieving 10 times greater results than if you did everything right for the other 22.5 hours per day while leaving out this step. It’s THAT important.

And if you want to talk about using supplements, you better make sure you have the above covered before you even think about purchasing some “muscle building” supplement or “fat burner”.

So, where can you get maltodextrin/dextrose and whey protein isolate in a 2:1 ratio? Well, you have the option to purchase the ingredients directly and mix them yourself.

WARNING: If you choose this method, be prepared to hold your nose while downing the stuff in 30 seconds or less, because it ain’t gonna be appetizing.

OR, you can purchase an all-in-one product that combines the above ingredients in the proper ratios while actually tasting good, and there are several products out there that do just this.

The one I recommend (again, because I KNOW that what they say is in the bottle is actually in the bottle…a huge problem within the supplement industry) is Prograde Nutrition’s “Prograde Workout”. It has dextrose/maltodextrin and whey protein isolate in a 2:1 ratio, and it comes packaged as a great tasting vanilla shake.

Oh, and better yet, it’s on sale until tomorrow.

WORKOUT DRINK<——- The number ONE “results” supplement. Period.

To be completely honest and transparent, there is not one thing more important than proper pre/post workout supplementation. Nothing. Omit it, and you’re pretty much saying that you’re cool with putting in a ton of effort and getting 1/3 the results that you could be gettting.

Include it, religiously, and watch your results skyrocket.

WORKOUT DRINK <——- Don’t waste your workout.

I’d recommend stocking up, because this stuff doesn’t go on sale very often (maybe twice a year).

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Yep, there is a new weight loss breakthrough just reported on the news that the government has
released that really caught my eye.


Wow, our government came out with that report and were so proud of their findings! I was taken back
by the news coverage that this got.

Here is your formula for losing fat. Calories in (food you eat) minus calories out (energy you use)
equals weight loss if the out put is greater than what’s going in. Now this is not rocket science,
and I am sure you already knew this without a government study done and paid for by good old
you and me. Heck they could have just spent the dime on a long distance call and I would have
told them for free.

Now there are more ways to create a calorie deficit than you may think. I will tell you the number one
way to create a calorie deficit and still eat more than you probably are now.

We know that a pound of muscle burns up an average of 50 calories a day. So if we can put on say
10 pounds of muscle we could theoretically burn an additional 500 calories a day than we are now.
Figure that by the end of the week you would lose a pound of fat!

Now by the end of the year you could lose up to 52 pounds of fat. And by adding that 10 pounds of
muscle and dropping 52 pounds of fat you have changed your body composition dramatically.

What does it take to add muscle? Work! What does it take to lose fat? Work. Is there and easy fix?
Are people always looking for the easy quick fix?
Is this why people don’t stick with programs for any length of time?
Do people quit early?

How so you ask.

Well let’s say you start coming to one of our Better Life Boot Camps and listen to what we teach
about supportive eating. You will burn an average of 9x (YES NINE TIMES) the calories of regular
aerobic activity. You will also start putting on a thin layer of muscle. This is where people screw
up. They panic because they don’t see the scale moving fast enough, well if you put on 4 pounds
of muscle and the scale only goes down 1 pound you actually LOST 5 POUNDS OF FAT!!

I will have clients be slaves to the scale and see it “only” move 1-2 pounds (what was it doing
before they came to me?) but their waist has gone down 2 notches. They are so conditioned of
looking at the scale and not using any true logic that they figure what is the use and go back to
sitting on the couch eating chips feeling sorry for them self because they are different and exercise
doesn’t work for them.

Poo to that. They took 15 years to get fat and they expect to be a super model in 3 weeks!
Come on, get real with yourself. Yes if you really want to I can help you lose 4-8 pounds a week.
But most people will average 1-2 pounds on the scale and see that their pants are fitting looser
around the waist. Progress? You bet your zippy it is.

So my advice is to get to a good boot camp where you have expert instructors, a good community
of supportive people, and stick to it for at least until you have reached your goal weight and even
make a lifestyle out of it and take your health to a new level, and never look back.

If you are in the metro Detroit area of Michigan I know of Michigan’s Premier Boot Camps.


What ever state or country you live in (we have readers from all over the world) find the nearest
boot camp that you can take advantage of. If you want ask me and I will tell you if they deserve
your money. If possible get an indoor location so you never get canceled, you have adequate
equipment available, and it is offered 4 times a week to you.

Til next time. Remember calories in –calories out. Now get moving.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Success is a mind set that is different for each individual. To some success is losing
10 pounds and being content still 15 pounds over ideal weight. To some success is
taking their body to the extreme and getting to 5% body fat and getting on stage
before thousands. What ever you vision of success is for you there is a model to help
you achieve that success. Without it you will fail-period.

What is a model? A model is a plan starting at point A and ending at what you determine
success to be.

The model I am going to cover is the “5 P’s Of Success”

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Proper – thought out inline with what you wish to accomplish. What is is that you wish to do,
does it line up with your idea of a successful ending? It is not proper to have ice cream in
your freezer and start a diet. It is not proper to stop off at the bar with friends when you are
supposed to be at boot camp. It is not proper to keep saying “next week”.

Preparation – Do the things that need to be done to guarantee you have at your disposal
the tools that you need to succeed. Say for instance do you have adequate chicken breasts
in your fridge for the upcoming week? Have you put in your schedule and blocked off the time
for you to exercise? Have you told others of your goal so you have accountability? Have you
put down a time line to get this done?

Prevents – By having the chicken breast that are part of your diet that you will use to drop
the fat you desire you will not fall victim to grabbing something you shouldn’t. For instance
I use Sunday night as my prep night for the week. I will cook 14 breasts, 7 sweet potatoes,
and cut up a large mixing bowl of salad. Now I am prepared for the next 5 days with my main
food items. Done. Throw in eggs for breakfast and a protein drink for a snack and I have all
my meals for the week.

Poor – You can either do god or you can do poorly. If you do poorly you will not succeed.
If you do not prepare the foods you need, if you don’t go grocery shopping with list, if you
hang out with co-workers who try and get you to eat the swill they eat- you will do
poorly. In my world there is win or lose. No almost. Either you go for it and win or you
preform poorly and fall short-lose.

Performance – This is the actual action put in place of all the other steps of success. You
will not preform if you fail at the steps outlined above. You will only be going through the
motions of thinking you are doing something when you are really just moving through life
and not taking care of what you so desire. That must be a lonely and miserable feeling.
I would hate to want to do something good for myself but never really put the real effort
forward to accomplish what I really, really, want to do. That would basically suck.

So these are the 5 P’s for Success. Use them in you system to lose fat. For without them
next month you will guess what—still be fat.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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I have to brag some on our clients who have completed another month of
our awesome boot camps for women (and now co-ed also) in Michigan. We
are pleased to announce that the fat lost by this group is phenomenal. The
strength gained has been incredible. We have had clients go from 4 push-ups on
their knees (with bad form) to completing 30 push-ups on their toes with perfect
form. Hey guys this was one of our ladies campers! We have had clients go
from not being able to walk the 1/2 mile course to running it non-stop!

Our Premier Women Boot camps of Michigan is just that– the premier package
for people of all ages and physical conditions to make dramatic improvements
in their lives. We have an advantage over other “bootcamps” in that we are the
ONLY indoor dedicated facility for this in Michigan. This is what we do and we do
it great. You don’t have to worry about rain, mud, dirty clothes, too hot, or too
cold. You don’t have to worry about other people in those box gym atmoshperes
watching you–every one who is there is participating and pushing themselves to
the next level of health & fitness.
Trust me when I say the atmosphere is contagious- when you have every one there
encouraging each other and all having the same goal-getting better than yesterday-
you will be caught up in it.

We also cover nutrition and just gave out our “exam” and the knowledge that every
one gained is invaluable and will go along way in them living a better life and also that
of their families. Good job gang.

We will be announcing the winners of out walking contest, they that participated wore
a pedometer for the month and the wineers will receive certificates for supplements.
Paid for us! Of course we didn’t give away McDonald coupons.

If you see some one who is part of the Better Life family, they are easily recognizable
by their posture, attitude, smile, and vibrant way- congratulate them for being a great
role model for others and their families.

If any of this interests you- you know losing fat, getting fitter, having fun-well there are
limited spots still available for next session starting up. If I was you I would register now at

Boot Camp Sign Up

I again want to thank the awesome Better Life family and am amazed at how great they are
and am so proud of them letting me be a part of the family.

If you want to be part of something positive and moving forward, get hooked up with the
Boot camp family and be part of an elite group of people changing lives starting with their own.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

Michigan’s Premier Women Boot Camps (co-ed now also)
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Okay, so all the talk about health care reform is driving me nuts. One reform that we as a nation need is
fat loss reform. We are an obese nation, period. If you want to cut down on medical issues put
America on a diet.
Then our new surgeon general is introduced and guess what–she’s obese!!
Great choice. That’s like the Marlboro Man telling you not to smoke. Here we have the fattest nation
in the world and our health czar is fat! Great.
I guess this is where self responsibility comes in. You are in control of your health (mostly). Most
ailments and diseases are nutrition related. Now we are going to have a fat person telling us how to
be healthy. Yep, that should work.
I tell you what, get hold of a professional recognized personal trainer (I know of one) and get on
your own health care reform program starting right now.
Come on, the only reason you are fat is because you eat too much. Ain’t rocket science. Now some hormones and things come into play on us as we age, and some folks have medical issues, but the majority of you
that are fat you love food more than health.
Some one said to me today in fact, “Randy do you hate fat people?” ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I have empathy for them as I was a severely obese child weighing 320 pounds in the 7th grade. I feel for
those that are fat. But now as a fat loss expert my job is to help people lose their fat. If it takes a hug I’ll
hug, if it takes a kick I’ll kick.
But get one thing straight, if you are fat you are setting yourself up for having to use that insurance
to take care of you later down the road.
Let’s get healthy gang, and start by losing that extra fat that is “hanging” around.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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