You can diet, run on the treadmill, and take your diet pills and you still are having
trouble losing that fat. You get frustrated and go back to your unhealthy lifestyle
and get fatter. Many repeat this process over and over. Read the rest of this and
hopefully you will find some help in your battle to get rid of that fat for ever.

As we age we can develop a condition where don’t efficiently take up glucose and
use it for energy. This is called “insulin resistant”. The absolute most effective way
of restoring insulin sensitivity is to reduce calories. Yes reduce your calories to
1,500 – 1,800 a day is the number one way. But we all know there are many factors
other than just eating less is needed to lose weight.

This can be a major reason why even when you diet weight loss is so hard. A large
percentage of men suffer abdominal obesity-the most dangerous-and find it impossible
to lose as they age. Low levels of “free testosterone” and DHEA can be the culprits.
Women as they age should be checked for thyroid function. Trying to lose weight
with low thyroid levels is very challenging. Also women as they age can increase in
their belly fat, they need to restore hormone balance with bioidentical hormone
replacement therapy. Thankfully we have a local Doctor who is a specialized expert
for men and women, Dr. Mark Hertzberg in Novi, Michigan.

We know that too many carbs spike our insulin and contribute to gaining fat. We need
to control the rate that the carbs enter your system. How? Add fiber! Yep, add 5 grams
of fiber to your diet before or with every meal will help this. Best form of fiber is made
up of oats and barley for this purpose.

Get moving. You want the best way to help you burn fat and restore important bodily
functions? Join our boot camps- HERE
Yes I will brag our boot camps are the best thing going for those looking to stimulate
fat loss at a quick and high level. If boot camps are too much for you as you have
lived on the couch for 5 years, get into a weight training class, and walk every day.

yes you burn energy (calories) even in a resting state. Kick it up or restore it to a
higher level. There are some nutritional aids that offer a safe and good way to kick
up your metabolic rate.
a) Green tea. Yes it is true, will help you burn body fat.
b) Capsaicin!! Yea baby add some heat to your spices and this will add some heat
to your metabolism.
c) Ginger extracts have shown to increase and enhance fat burning levels.
d) My secret weapon that people are so missing out on. They are so beneficial
to your health–but they also really help with fat losing body fat.
Omega-3 fatty acids. HERE

We all know geting rid of fat is a process and it takes effort. But it also takes knowledge. I
gave you some tips that will greatly increase your chances of getting rid of that fat once
and for ever. Take these tips and apply them, don’t just read this and throw it away. Use
these tips and learn as much as you can. Hey this is your body and life and you only get
one run at this, so live life don’t just go through it.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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All the talk about global warming–oh that’s right now called climate change-
has gotten every one on the band wagon for coming out with fuel efficient
autos. Hey, great if they can get the Hummer to 40 miles per gallon, save money
any way I can.

But I am here to talk to you about your fuel efficiency. Yes, you consume fuel (food),
and you burn fuel. Are you fuel efficient?

Recently I had a serious injury and tore all of my quadriceps and fractured my knee
cap Had surgery and praise God, I am recovering ahead of schedule.

But during this time I had been much less mobile, and actually not trained for 8 weeks.
Now my daily activity burns so many calories (fuel). And I am known for for fuel
consumption! Yes I have a little issue called portion control. Well during this time that
I have been “down”, physically and I will say a little mentally, I didn’t lower my eating.
As a result of this i actually put on 23 pounds in this short time frame.

You see I wasn’t fuel efficient. I was consuming a lot, like a gas guzzler, but the problem
was I was not burning or using the calories. I was storing them.

Many of you do the same thing and this is why you are in the condition you are in–
FAT. Now the thing you have to do is either lower your food intake, or up your usage
of the calories you eat. Too many of us are not active and sit too much and as a result
get fat.

So you need to find that point where you are using up a little more energy that you are
taking is to lose that fat. Andy you need to get active so you can burn the calories you
are taking in. You have to do both. If just not eating was the key to losing weight so
many people would be skinny as they try crash diets. We know this doesn’t work and that
is for another article all together.

So do what I do. As I recognized I was getting fat, I cut back on my portions and now that
I can use my leg I am training slightly. I have dropped 9 pounds of that extra weight that
I put on in the last 2 weeks. And as I progress with my heaaling I will get more active and
drop this fat in another 4 weeks.

So are you fuel efficient? Cut back on the food and get moving. Are you listening Al Gore?

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your fat Loss Expert

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Not eating fat can KILL YOU!! Yes it’s true. By not eating this fat you could
join the other 90,000 people who die a year!

I have always encouraged my clients to take Omega-3, the benefits are many.
As yourfat loss expert one reason is it can actually help you lose fat! Also every
cellin your body needs it, especially your heart and brain (pretty important 2!).
I also have those with bad joints take higher doses to alleviate joint pain. Studies
show that omega-3 can reduce joint pain more than prescription medicine. I
recommend 4,000 mg. a day for this.

But now comes the latest study–Omega-3 intake deficiency can KILL YOU!!

Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than
excess trans fat intake, according to a new study. WOW.

The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic
risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and determined
how many fatalities could have been prevented if better choices were made.

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the
Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on data from the US National Health
Center for Health Statistics. They determined that there were 72,000-96,000
PREVENTABLE DEATHS each year due to omega-3 deficiency, compared
to 63,000-97,000 for high trans fat intake.

Hopefully this latest study will convince those of you who don’t get omega-3′s in
their diet to start doing so now.

I recommend Prograde as the source for omega-3s. these are not sold in stores
but you can get them here:


So get eating that salmon, tuna, and taking some ICONS

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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How many of you remember that kids chant from back in the day?
I remember it well as I was on the receiving end of it up til the 9th grade.

Yep, I was 320 pounds in the 8th grade! Oh, and trust me it wasn’t the
same 320 when I was older setting records in powerlifting. No, I was all of
5’5″ tall, and I believe my waist was as big as I was tall!
Even my 8th grade gym teacher made fun of me, but we settled the score
with him after I came back from college, but that is another story.

So do you think kids are still as mean as they were back then? Do you think
they could even be meaner as our society has gotten less moral? Let me
also ask you –Do you think adults talk about fat people also, just not to
their face? Of course they do.

Is your child over weight? Chance are they are, as 70% of kids are. Heck
25% of 4 year olds are clinically obese!

Myself, I would never want to see a child go through what I did. Yes I took
it and made a positive out of it. I made it my life to help people lose weight
get healthy, and I’ve helped thousands. But I know many who were scarred
and to this day messed up emotionally because of the tormenting. Heck I
know lots of adults overweight who are messed up because they let themselves
get fat.

So as a parent what are you doing to instill healthy eating habits in your children?
Are you getting McDonalds for dinner? How about fish sticks and tator tots? You are
the care taker of your children, if they are fat it is your fault. Yes your fault.

And the same is true for you as an adult, if you are fat it is your fault.

So now is the time to take charge of your life, and your children and start practicing
good eating habits.

What, you don’t know how to eat–well educate yourself. Don’t be a smuck and pass
the blame and hope for Obama to come to your rescue. Get your head out of your rear
and stiffen up them bones called a spine and take care of business.

Hey I realized I was going to live a miserable life and die young if I kept on the path
I was on at 12 years old. I took it upon myself to fix the problem. What are you
waiting for? Diabetes?

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Are you free?

Are you free to go to a restaurant and not worry about what to order?

Are you free to go to the beach and not be covered up in a t-shirt?

Are you free to run with the children?

Are you free to play a pick-up game of softball?

Are you free to wear sleeveless dress?

Are you free to say yes when a friend asks to go biking?

Are you free to buy new clothes without going to a “Big Persons” section?

Are you free to fit comfortably in any chair?

Are you free to wear shorts?

Are you free to offer advice on how you look so healthy and how you
took off that weight?

I tell you it is a joy being free.

What are you doing to be free?

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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First let me state that the families of Michael and Billy I send my
prayers during your loss. This post is in no way a slight to these
men and am just using them for reference as you read this post.

Michael, Billy, and me- all of us 50 years old, born in 1958.

So as I look at the demise of these men I ask why at the age of
50 do some succumb to an early death and why not others such
as myself.

Let me state that my health is remarkable. My blood pressure, my
cholesterol, lipids, every test taken my Dr. remarks how “young”
I am.

I equate this to the foods I eat and to the rigorous exercise programs
I put myself through. Do I eat perfect? No. Do I eat great? Yes. Do I
cheat now and then? Yes. Do I enjoy life? Yes. Am I healthy? Very.

If you want to live a good healthy life you will have to put forth effort
and seek knowledge. You cannot buy your food at a drive thru window
and expect to be a shining example of health. You have to learn what
is and isn’t good for your body. Listen the major corporations out there
are not in the business to make you healthy, they are in business to make
money. And if that means telling you high fructose corn syrup is healthy and
natural that is what they will do. And you know that is a lie. So educate
yourself and eat what your body NEEDS, not what you crave at the moment.
As I tell my clients, you can have some cheat food, but do not replace the
good food with it, add it after you give your body the nutrients it needs. Then if
you still crave something have a small serving and move on.

Exercise! Ah that nasty word in some of your minds. Yes you must exercise
to be healthy. Run a marathon, no. Walk your dog, yes. Bench press 700 pounds,
no. Weight train, most definitely. Yes I said you have to do resistance training
if you want to operate at your highest level. Period, end of debate.

So my advise to you is if you want to be “young” at any age you need to get
yourself armed with the knowledge of what to eat and how to exercise. And
you have to take action!! Don’t be one of those that know everything but do

These are the components that we supply you with at our Boot Camps. You will
proper nutrition, and you will exercise, and exercise right.

Hey gang, we don’t get do-overs in this life time. Get it right and live a long
healthy one.

If you need guidance reach out and ask.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Well I really messed up the other night. Now you all know if you have any food
issues you can actually hear your cupboards talk to you.

Oh, yea.

They will call out to you at the strangest time. Might be 2am, might be 4am, who knows.

Well if you are like me some times we answer the call of the cupboard gremlins.
Yes, we get up, eyes closed, following the voice, and answer the calling of the cupboard gremlins.

With eyes still closed we reach in, and I swear it is handed to us by the cupboard
gremlin…..the food we shouldn’t even have in the house.

Have any of you ever experienced the cupboard gremlins?

Well I LOVE natural peanut butter. Creamy, crunchy, just bring it. Now this is on my
list of foods for me to eat—-but not by the jar!

Well I made the mistake of picking up 2 jars because they were on sale. I ate
my 2 tablespoons with a protein drink for dinner, went to bed.

Then I heard it…..”Randy, come here I need to talk to you, Randy I have to
show you something. Randy, I need to see you now, please”

Well that was 3am, next thing I know I am waking up at 4am to a spoon and an empty
peanut butter jar sitting on the counter to let me know I was visited by the cupboard
gremlins that night.

Gang if you have a weakness, DO NOT HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE. It isn’t about discipline,
I don’t care who you are you will be visited by the gremlins. If you have a weakness and
when you crave it, if it is not there you cannot eat it. Simple.

This is a mistake many make, and they are sitting themselves up to take a fall. Then
discouraged, they say what is the use and go back to their old ways of eating that
got them to where they were in the first place. I have seen this happen so many
times over the last 30 years with well intentioned good people.

So, if you are not supposed to have it do, not have it available. Or you will hear that sound
in the strangest hours of the morning…..”Hey, hey, come here……”

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Okay, gang here goes a very sad story about a dog named Fred.

Fred belonged to an old farmer named Jed. Jed had a neighbor
farmer named Ted. One late afternoon after tilling the crops,
Ted, Jed, and Fred were on Jed’s front porch.

Well as they sipped their iced tea and watched the sun slowly
lower to the horizon Ted couldn’t be quiet any more.

You see Fred was laying on the porch and letting out a yelp every
10 minutes or so for the last 3 hours. So during that time Fred
had been just constantly letting out a yelp every 10 minutes.

So Ted finally looks at Jed with bewilderment and says “Jed, what
in the dickens is wrong with Fred?”

Jed calmly takes his gaze off the sunset, looks at Fred, then
casts his eyes over to Ted and as he squints says calmly “Ted,
Fred is sitting on a tack and it must be hurting him.”

Ted asks ‘Well why doesn’t he move.”

Jed, looking back at the sunset with a squint is his eyes
replies, “Well, Ted, I figure ole Fred there is hurting
and letting us know he’s hurting, but he must not be hurting
enough to move.”

This story reminds me of people who are always asking me for
advice or help.
They complain about their weight, their energy, or their health.
They are “in Pain” of where they are at.

But after I give them what they ask, they like Fred don’t move.
They just don’t want to put any effort forward to make the
change that they need to do to get out of the “pain” that they
are in. And come next time I see them they will still be where
I last seen them–sitting on their own personal tack–but just
not moving and living like this even though they don’t have too.

So hey, if you got a “pain”, is it enough to make you move, or
just enough to howl about so people hear about it.

Don’t be a Fred, get moving and do what you need to do to
live that life that is yours. Enjoy it, get off that tack,
get off that porch, and get out in that field and enjoy life.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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This is a testimony I just received form Lynn. She was very frustrated with “dieting” an
tried many different things that are marketed out there to those that are really wanting
to lose fat and get healthy.

Well many of these “experts” and profiteers get upset with me because I give away so
much information that will actually help people. Do I do this as a career, yes, but I also
help out to any and all that I can. I will be rewarded with more than just moolah.

Get the truth, get right, and get healthy. You only have one shot at this we don’t get do-overs.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Ok, so you know Vitamins and Minerals are important. Most every woman knows that.

However, not everyone understands WHY they are so important for their body. So I recently asked Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter to give us the easy rundown on the Top Women’s Vitamins. Here’s what he had to say:

Vitamin A – This vitamin contributes to the health of you eyes, skin and nails.

Vitamim B – While B Vitamins are often referred to as “energy vitamins” they don’t actually give you a surge of energy, per se. What they actually do is help facilitate metabolic reaction in the body to create energy. They’re also necessary for a healthy metabolism.(HELP YOU LOSE FAT)

Vitamin C – This women’s vitamin is a great antioxidant and immune system booster. It also helps skin health.

Vitamin D – Helps women absorb calcium. And it may help prevent certain types of cancer.

calcium – It’s actually a mineral not a vitamin. And as most women know already, it improves bone density.

Pretty simple, right? But you can also see why it’s so important to understand vitamins for women. When we understand the reasons to make healthier choices it helps us make them.

Now, I get asked all the time by women which vitamin supplements, if any, they need to be taking. Great question.

Well, if your nutrition is 100% perfect all the time then you probbaly don’t need to take any.

But that’s not the case for most women. Most women are busy as heck and don’t always find the time for proper nutrition. So if that’s the case with you I recommend taking a Whole Foods based Multi-Vitamin. And the only one I recommend is Prograde Nutrition’s VGF 25+ for Women.

It’s actually really cool because it’s literally made from 25 veggies, greens and fruits. And you know I always say to get a plant based multi-vitamin. You should definitely check out Prograde’s Women’s Vitamins

Click here: VGF25 WOMEN MULTIS

At the very top of the page is the list of ingredients. You can see the 25 whole foods they use to make VGF 25+ for Women.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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