O.K. you are really wondering about the title. Just hang in there and it will become
clear what this title means.

As your fat loss expert I see many obstacles that people face in their quest to lose
fat. Some really effect a person’s ability to succeed with their plan.

One of the most depressing things I see is clients having people in their lives that
are just plain mean spirited and not encouraging to them. This is my opinion of
Dave Letterman. He is a mean, angry, grumpy old man. He is always riding people
and if he can find a crack in their armor he will exploit it. Not some one I would
allow into my life.

Well do you have any relatives or “friends” who bring up every failure you had in
past attempts to lose weight? Do they offer you food you can’t have and say it’s
okay? Do they make fun of you and tell you the effort is not worth it? Check the people
allow into your life and see if you have any “Dave Lettermans”. If so, cut them out.
Harsh you say–well waht the heck are they doing to you?

The vampires are the ones you look to for support and all they do is tell you all of their
issues and problems. They don’t hear a word you say and just talk about themselves,
sucking the life right out of you. Just like a vampire sucks your blood out of you. These
people have one person on their mind, and it isn’t you. They could care less what your
goals are, listen to their problems. Support? Ah, no.

This is why we do Michigan’s Women Boot Camps. (and now co-ed). You are surrounded by
like minded people who all are striving towards fat loss and better health. The support of
20+ people on your team encouraging you and walking the walk with you. You want success?
Plug into our women only boot camps (or co-ed) and you will succeed. Studies show that
if you have a support system and accountability in place you will have a 76% chance of
success compared to a 95% chance of failure.

I know this, this is why I implement the programs we do. We want you to succeed. Period.

Give yourself a chance to succeed, cut out the “David Lettermans” and vampires out of your
life and surround yourself with others striving for the same goal.

To Your Health
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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Whew, what a title, eh?

Well I am your fat loss expert so I am going to give you the reasons how the title of this
article relates to your fat loss.

Dogs. Love them. Particular to pit bulls, loyal, smart, easy to train, and strong as heck.
You want to get lean? Get on a program that works. Stay loyal to it. Be smart-don’t do
something like eat 3 cookies a day and dinner. Be coachable, listen to an expert (like me),
and do what they lay out for you. And be strong-mentally and physically. You have to be
strong mentally to achieve any goal worth while. Also physically increase your strength
when ever possible. By now every one KNOWS muscle burns fat, and you build muscle by
increasing your strength.

Pasta. Listen pasta is made of flour. I don’t care if it is whole wheat, rice, or whatever. Flour
is processed, flour will spike your insulin, you will become fat. Any thing else you need to know?
I have so many clients who want to lose weight, hire me, pay a lot of money, and then when I
them they can’t eat pasta, they start asking the “what about” questions. Hey, if it is processed
don’t flippin’ eat it. End of debate. Can’t do that here is your money back. If it comes in a box
or a bag chances are it is processed. Don’t eat it!

Snakes. Started in the Garden of Eden. Flippin’ snake was evil, and to this day there are many
snakes out there preying on people desperate to lose their fat. Hate them, punks, and I will
call them out. You are forewarned-if you are selling a bogus supplement, or promoting a
diet that is stupid, or a product that you know will end up in a garage sale, I will tell people.
Marketing weight loss is a billion dollar industry. Yes with a “B”. Do you think that they really
care about you? No they care about what you carry in your purse or wallet. Come on, just
like money, if it sounds too good to be true–run! Take the cooking spray Pam for instance.
fat free right? Sure, if you use 1/3 of a second spray. WHAT? Yes a serving size is 1/3 of a
second spraying. Try timing that on your watch. Soooo, do you think that Pam is an ethical
product that is really concerned about you? In my humble opinion, I think they just want
your money. So buyer beware. And if you hire a trainer or go to a bootcamp, for goodness
sakes look at their reputation and following. Initials behind a name mean one thing–initials
behind a name.

So till next article listen to some one you can trust. And if you know me you can trust me.
If you are just meeting me you I will earn your trust.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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“Oh no Randy, not that low carb talk again.”

Ah yes, Grasshopper. Let the master fat loss expert explain.

We just want to control insulin, so we do this by going on a low carb diet.
By low carb I am talking less than 3% of your calories coming from carbs.

You will use fat for energy after your body gets used to this. It takes an average of
4 days for my body to convert from using carbs for energy to fats. The brain no longer looks
for stored glucose for energy and use my fats for it’s energy source.

This isn’t rocket science, but you do need to get the ratios of lean protein and essential fats
down for your body. And yes essential fats help your body burn fat for energy!! Read that
again so it sinks in. I have ran across too many clients who paid me for my advice then
decided they would just cut out the fats and drop the weight faster. Well they were no
longer doing what I prescribed and now doing there own thing and most lost lean muscle
tissue along with fat. Our goal is to preserve the muscle and even add some and get rid of
that unhealthy ugly fat.

Let me spill the beans to you–this works and is fine for your body. I am not advocating
eating bad fats like bacon and butter, but yes salmon, natural peanut butter, almonds,
olive oil.

Now I have endurance athletes telling me they need their carbs for their performance in
their sport. Really? Well according to studies by MIT this is not true. You may feel more
lethargic at first, until your body adjusts to using fat for energy, but your peak performance
does not suffer even feeling like this. Then as your body starts using fats for it’s fuel source
you will never experience that 3pm lull where you feel like falling a sleep. Why, because your
blood sugar levels are always stable. Why, because you are having no insulin spikes. Why?
Because you are not ingesting carbs to cause this.

So find and expert in your area, or contact me via internet, and get with the program and get
rid of that fat once and for ever.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Michigan Women Boot Camps Fight Global Warming

Yes indeed. We are celebrating our one year anniversary and are proud of what
our members have accomplished. As a group we have lost over ONE TON of FAT!!

That’s right our women have lost over a ton of fat in the last year! That folks is
alot of fat.

Now figure the dire scare of the earth melting according to Al “Rotund” Gore, and
you can see how we are helping the fight against global warming. Less food consumed,
less time idling in drive-thrus, less flatulence, less heavy breathing after taking the stairs.
So not only are these women living a healthier better life–they are helping the planet
stay off global warming.

The success of these women is why we have started up a co-ed boot camp this month so
the men could share in the success and do their part to fight this evil global warming.

Looking forward to losing 2 tons of fat this year and doing our part to have a healthier people,
plus a safer planet!!

In fact I am offering an open invitation to Al “Rotund” Gore to come out for free, and bring
Tipper. We can help you and by doing so you can help your “cause”.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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Flipping Scholars! WHO Says Extra Calories Cause Obesity!

You have got to be kidding me. Well I wish I was, but here goes.

World Health Organization known as WHO, just released a study
by these great scholars. The study says-get this- that overeating
is the cause for obesity.

Holy Cow, all this time I thought it was global warming! What a relief.
These scholars have wasted money, time, and actually got funded
for this research. Can you believe this.

It is not rocket science gang, calories in, calories used. That is the
formula. And these great scholars sit on their thrones thinking they
have found the key to obesity.

These clowns would get lost using a GPS system getting from their
kitchen to the bathroom. I am just floored that this is an actual study
that was just released.

So let me clear this up for you. If you are fat you are eating too much.
Please send me my grant money now and I will tell you the key to
finding shoes that fit.

To Your Health,
randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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2009 is at the half way point. We are in month number six! Back on January 1st
if you are like most people you set goals for yourself to reach in 2009. Well we
are at the half way point, are you any closer to your goals?

Spiritually, financially, physically, any you chose, or all that you chose, where are
you compared to January 1st?

I am hoping you are one of the ones who read my post on goals and kept them
at the forefront of your mind and moved on them. But odds are they are back in
the drawer some where gathering dust. Why? Because we get caught up in the
every day life. We tackle what comes our way that day and feel a sense of
accomplishment of doing something and then go home and rest on our efforts
forgetting that we have things to do above and beyond the daily.

Well you still have time to “get ‘er done”.

Nutrition: Name 3 things that you can change today in your diet that will benefit
you in overall health?

Fitness: Name at least 3 physical activities that you enjoy doing and how they
benefit your overall health.

Health Distractions: Name 3 things that hinder you from having a healthy eating
pattern and fitness regimen.

Answer those three key areas and you will be back on track to hit those goals
you put out there for yourself. Try it and see.

Psalms 103:5 “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is
renewed like the eagle’s.”

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Okay, by now you know the need for antioxidants. You have heard
me extol their virtues for some time. But still people don’t take these
needed supplements.

So what are antioxidants? They are a natural occurring compound
that benefit us by helping reduce the wear and tear on our body
tissues caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Think of free
radicals as floating around your body “stealing” electrons from molecules.

If you are in great health you can fight off some free radicals, but
stress, pollution, smoke, alcohol, overeating, and many other factors add
more free radicals. If left alone these free radicals can damage cells,
specifically the cell parts that transform food into energy.

Antioxidants support your body’s defense system. They also boost energy,
support healthy aging, and help with skin and hair.

Now most everyone does not get enough antioxidants in their diet. I
would venture to say no one I know. This is why I supplement them in
my diet and tell everyone else to also.

Antioxidants are an essential part of an optimal healthy diet – period.

So get with the program and protect your body and health with them.

The ones I take and recommend: ICONS

Check them out, you can’t get these in the store.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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As an expert for the last 30 years nutrition is a subject
that is so misunderstood. Adkins Diet didn’t help any, as
people started thinking carbs were a bad thing.

Come on now, an apple bad, a sweet potato bad, oatmeal bad!!

Now-pop tarts, twinkies, pies, cakes, whit bread, etc., yes
those carbs are bad for you.

I think the fact that these man made pieces of crap are classified
carbs is what causes the problem. To even compare a ding-dong
to a cup of oatmeal is like comparing a flipping skateboard to a
maxed out Hummer. (now that’s a ride)

So I feel that we need a new classification of food. We have
proteins, fats, carbs, and now we need “flipping crap”.

So that is our new category. Yep, “flipping crap”. So if it has sugar,
flour, preservatives, and more chemicals than real ingredients it will
be in the new “flipping crap” category.

There now that should clear up the confusion on whether carbs are
good or bad for you.

Educate your self gang. Sin up for the free newsletter and you will
get lists of good carbs and other helpful nutrition tips.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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I am going to simplify things for you here.
I am going to break it down to 5 things you
NEED to do to achieve the fat loss you desire.
You may be shocked to see a few of the
suggestions. And you may be offended by
some of the words I write. But either way
you are reading this because you want to
lose fat and i am the expert that can help you.
So listen up, take it to heart, and most of all
take action.

1. Eat less calories. Hey not rocket science is
it? You must cut back on the amount of calories
you consume. Now notice I didn’t say food, I said
calories. You need to learn that green veggies
you can eat by the plateful, but potato chips
are off limits.

2. Eat 5-6 times a day!!! What? Yes, eat 5-6
small, nutrient dense meals a day. Now a meal
could consist of a meal replacement drink. Or
it could be 4oz. chicken and a salad. But by
eating 5-6 times a day you are keeping the
fire of your metabolism burning. If eating once
a day would make us lean, come on every one
would be lean–look at all the fat people who
only eat once a day.

3. Build Muscle. There I said it. Unless you want
to look like Richard Simmons, build some muscle.
the only way you are going to do that is by weight
training. Not cardio. Ladies you will not look like
the Hulk, but you will get curvy and lean.

4. Avoid vampires and parasites! You know the
family and friends who say you look great and why
would you want to lose any weight. You know the
ones who say here eat this it’s okay. The ones who
say you’ve tried this before and you failed. Get away
from them and get with people with the same goals
and ones who will encourage you.

5. Get help. Social help, professional help, life style help.
Social help; Like This
Professional help- a trainer who know what they are doing.
Lifestyle help- A coach who can guide you and help
through the mine field of life.

Simple, but not easy. Only because you make it seem harder
than it is. Reach out and get the help. Kick butt, and get
healthy and fit.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Okay, first off don’t get me wrong. I think
that it is great that fat people lost great
amounts of fat on the hit show. Applause,

But are they heroes? I mean this is something
they should have did a long time ago. Yes, I
am glad they did it. But let’s get real here.
They are locked up on a campus, trainers,
gym, nutritionist, Drs., at their call 24/7.

And the show is skewed in my opinion as they
are all about amount lost on the scale. What if
a person adds 20 pounds of lean muscle tissue
which should be everyone’s goal to add muscle,
they lose to someone who sacrifices muscle
along with the fat!

That is just plain wrong, and sets them up to
put fat back on at a quicker pace as they have
less muscle to push their metabolism. You should
always strive to add or preserve lean muscle and
not ever lose any.

But back to the hero status. Happy for them yes.
Hero no. A hero to me is a single mother who is
taking care of 4 children and working and raising
her children to be the best they can be. And
along the way she is getting up at 4am and going
out in the dark and walking every morning. Then
she comes inside and does her body work for 20
minutes. Then she make a healthy breakfast
and lunch for her children. And she is doing this
on her own and not with 10 million people watching
to see if she will win $250,000.

That is a hero to me. She should be on Good Morning
America. She should be out speaking to groups of
women. Not someone who has 24/7 access to all
things they need at their disposal and the chance
to win $250,000. Hats off to the fat people who
dropped weight on the show. I bow my head to the
ones who do it in the dark on their own to silence.
They are my heroes.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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