First off I want to apologize for my missing
in action. After my surgery I have been
moving in slow motion. Working with my
clients an average of 10 hours a day left
me when I got home just plain too tired to
even log on let alone post a new article.
So my apologies.

Now it is Memorial weekend. Honor those
that sacrificed for us. My highest honor.

But I get a little uneasy as this signifies the
start of the party season. We look forward to
every weekend now to celebrate something.
Whether a graduation, wedding, holiday, or
summer vacation, something is going on.
Then we flow right into labor day, then Halloween,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So unless you
stay on top your game you can put on as much
weight now as any time of the year.

I was talking to a client today, have her starting
a new eating regimen. She flat out said she was
going to get her eat on this weekend as we are
celebrating our co-Pastor’s birthday and she was
going to as she says “get her eat on.”

The trouble is the following weekend is her children’s
graduation party, then she has 2 more to go to the
next two weekends, then there is the 4th of July.

Where do you draw the line? I simply draw it right now.

If I have an event coming up, and you know when they
are they don’t just happen. I will really tighten up my
eating for that week, I mean try and actually lose weight,
then I will allow myself that ONE meal.

You can do this and have fun and celebrate with everyone
else and still lose weight.

Limit your carbs to under 60 grams Monday thru Friday,
then have your meal on Saturday and you can actually
boost your metabolism to burn higher the next couple days.
But it is important that you get right back on track the
next morning.

You could go into winter lighter, healthier, and still having
enjoyed your summer and all the events and not feel
deprived or left out.

Remember, fat doesn’t discriminate seasons, it’ll jump on
you in the summer just as soon as the winter.

Hope this helps.

To Your Health
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert


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I am asked “Randy you just had surgery 3 days
ago, should you be walking on your leg and
working so soon?”

Well, maybe in your world no I shouldn’t. But
in my world there are excuses for not doing
what you need to be doing and deeling with
a little pain is one of them.

I could sit home, dope myself up and use my
surgery as an excuse for being lazy. Or I can
get out there, deal with the pain, and keep
moving forward.

I am called being excessive. What! The pain
in my leg is nothing compared to the pain of
not moving forward. If I was to look back 6
months from now and not moved forward that
would hurt me more than my leg.

So you need to ask yourself–what pains you?
Are you too fat? Are you too weak? Are you
too stiff? Are you lacking energy? Are any of
these pains enough to get you moving?

If not, the pain of looking back next year and
seeing you are no better off than this year
will be very painful.

So get moving, get a goal, and push forward.
Make it hurt you if you don’t move forward.
Make it personal, make it a burning desire in
you. Yes, have people call you excessive.
For I’d rather that than have excuses.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Women Fitness

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Fat Can Be A Women’s Friend!!

What are you saying Randy? You are the fat loss expert,
you hate what being fat does to people’s health. You
also know what it can do to their self-esteem and social

What I said is fat can be a women’s friend, and yes it can
be if we are talking about essential fatty acids(EFA).

So being fat is a no-no, taking in GOOD fats is a must.

Let me explain simply. Adding, say 2 ounces of walnuts a
day to your diet may be one of your best defenses against
breast cancer. The essential omega-3′s, antioxidants, and
phytosterols found in the walnut may reduce the risk
of cancer. This is from a study done at Marshall University
School of Medicine.

Now we also all know that omega-3′s also prevent coronary
artery disease, heart disease, and stroke. However because
the body CANNOT manufacture these most important EFA’s,
they must be consumed in diet or supplementation.

I have found what I believe to be the best source of Omega-3
Fatty Acids available, these are the one’s I take. You can look
them them over here.

Take a look, these are manufactured by professionals who only deal
with professionals. These are not available in a store or catolog.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert


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Wow, as a premier fat loss expert I have
seen alot.
You know the “Spanks”, the under clothes that
you can tuck your fat in.
Well now there is a new girdle gizmo out there
that is being sold at home parties. The line
goes something like-”No exercise, no diet, no
liposuction, no gastric bypass, but in minutes
take 2-3 dress sizes off”.
Hold on there, give me a flipping break!
They want you to spend over $300.00 on
a flipping girdle that “takes off” dress sizes.
Ya right. I bet when mama takes off that
thing she rolls out like the Nutty Proffessor.
What a sight.
Women, take your money and get into a bootcamp
or exercise class, or best bet personal training.
Build some muscle, burn some fat and wear
a flipping swim suit while the fat ones
are sweating their butts off wearing a knee to
armpit girdle “pretending” to be leaner.
Hey grab the program over at
Fat Loss For Mothers

This is getting ridiculous. Women get to
Michigan’s #1 Women Bootcamp.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Hey the difference from fat to fit is the
letter “I”.

As in I watch what I eat

I exercise regularly.

I get adequate sleep.

I supplement with vitamins.

I control stress.

You see, being fit is all up to “I”, or
should we say “YOU”!

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness ExpertBOOTCAMPS

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Okay. I get asked all the time how to
get rid of the baby fat that came with
Well i can’t work with everyone, and not
everyone can afford me. So I have
looked and found I feel the best program
you have access to.
I have never recommended a program
before in 30 years of being in the health
and fitness industry.


To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Women Fitness
Women Bootcamps

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One of the so-called fitness experts,
who really is just a guy selling info that
is already out there and putting himself
out there as an expert, just posted an
e-mail that is full out just plain B.S.

I subscribe to his e-mails so I can
see what some of these “experts” are
passing off as advise to the masses
who are hungry for results.

His advise this week was to do
a 1 minute squat! Ya, start in the
bottom position of a squat and take
30 seconds to go up and 30 seconds
to go down.

Duh, what will that do
for you other than produce lactic
acid? Ah-ha, if you feel this burn
from the lactic acid you MUST be
getting results right? WRONG!
Hey if that works grab a can of
soup and curl it 200 times and get
the biceps of Conan. Don’t work like
tha Sparky.

And this guy is an online millionaire
who because he said he was an expert
people believed him. Give me a flipping

Gang, you want results, you are going to
have to work. You have to put the muscle
under enough resistance to stimulate growth.
You all know 6-12 reps upper body, 8-15
reps lower body. Use weight that makes you
fail attempting more reps than that.

I will say I am an expert at both building
muscle and taking off fat. And you will never
hear me tell you to do a one minute squat.
What a bunch of crap.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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What’s with that title randy?
Well I see people extolling the virtues
of being fat is okay. Just love youself
for who you are. Accept your body
and don’t worry about it. Have high
self esteem, no matter how fat you
Can you give me one good reason for
being fat? I mean can you tell me one
positive thing for being fat? Go ahead
I’ll wait for the answer.
Come on, just give me one senario where
being fat is a positive.
Okay, times up.
What did you come up with?
As we know there is no good that comes
with being fat. Lots of negatives. You know
the list–high blood pressure, diabetes,
heart disease, heck name a disease and it
is most likely nutrition oriented.
Come on now, you and I both know that
there is no good that comes from being fat.
So why are you then?
If you are one of the 30 percent in the
USA who isn’t–praise God.
The rest of you–yes you–get off the
couch, put down the Doritos, and get moving.
Hey it’s all about choices. Don’t go looking
for the rest of us to pay for your health care
because you are eating your way to an early death.
Love ya, but ain’t following ya.
So get on a eating program, get exercising, and
don’t be a statistic.
Never too late to change.
Remember it’s all about choices.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitnes Expert #1 Michigan Women Bootcamps Women haelth & Fitness Tips Supplements

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Well any saddle you want to put on a
donkey, it’s still a donkey.
Marketing, scamming, lieing, fleecing,
whatever term you want to use they
use them.
SHAMWOW, let me see. A shammy cloth
that has been used for decades to clean
and dry cars off with is now a new product.
They do a great job marketing these shammy
clothes as the newest best thing. Hey gang
go down to your nearest auto parts store
and go to the car wash and wax section–
viola- shammys up the rear. Great case
of marketing.
ACAI Berry cleanse. Hey cleanse your
pipes with the acai berry colon cleanse
and drop inches off your waist. How about
eat veggies and fruit and take a healthy
one and you will drop inches. Most of
Americans eat such a poor diet that if
I fed you tree bark it would clean your pipes.
Save your money and eat some green beans.
This is a good example of marketing and
Now the grand daddy of them all. Global
warming. In my humble opinion, which I
rate as high as Al “Sweaty Face” Gore’s, I think
this pony show has seen it’s last days before
the curtain is pulled back and we see who
is pulling the levers on Oz. That is if the sheep
(the public) wakes up and quits following
politicians who know nothing other than what
high priced lobbyist tell them. Now this is a classic
example of marketing, fleecing, and in my opinion,
What the heck does this have to do with fitness
and weight loss Randy?
Buyer beware. Educate yourself gang. This is a
multi-BILLION dollar industry and don’t for a
minute think that there are people who don’t
want a piece of your money. I have been around
this for 35 years and seen it all come and go
and come back again.
Two things I will reccomend. A good multi-
vitamin and Omega 3′s. Get them here at
a company you can fully trust.


To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert #1 Women Bootcamps Michiagn Premier Women Bootcamps

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Spring has sprung and you know summer is just
around the corner.

Oh, oh. Time to wedge that rear into last years
swimsuit. Go ahead I’ll wait while you try it on.

Well, how did you look?

You gonna turn heads or turn stomachs at the
beach this summer ladies?

What about you guys? You suffering from “Dunlap”
disease? You know your belly “dunlapped” over your

Hey I know it was a rough winter and the comfort food
was just impossible to ignore. Well now is the time to
light a fire under your butt and take care of business.

Cut the food, get moving, and don’t stop.

You know what to do, now go do it.

If you don’t know what to do for goodness sakes
get hold of someone who can help you.

So limit the sugar, flour, and salt and that would be
your first step. No fast food, and don’t eat 3 hours
before going to bed.

Get walking and start doing some weight resistance
training. And don’t be a whuss. Push yourself, it’s
called working out not “funning” out. It better be
hard and it better kick your butt. If not don’t waste
your time. Just stay home and crack another beer and
grab a bag of chips and resign yourself to being a loser.

“Oh, Randy you are so mean.”

Oh, and you are so fat.

Come on I love ya, I just know what it takes
and most won’t do it without a kick in the pants.

So I’m here to do the kicking.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert Michigan #1 Women Boot Camp Brenda and Women Health Supplements

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