The scene I see that makes me cry and hurt for people is when they have a goal, start the process, and then

without realizing how close they really are to the finish line —–turn back!!

It is one of the most frustrating things I deal with. They will be so far from where they started,but they let

frustration or lack of what they think should be happening, they will turn their backs on the finish line

and start going back to where they started.

If your goal is to lose 30 pounds and you are plateauing at 19 realize you are 19 pounds closer then you

were when you started. You may only be at 19 –but you aren’t at 30. But if you turn from your finish line

and start back to your old ways trust me you will see the finish line in your rear view mirror get farther and

farther in the distance.

This video show a young girl collapsing just short of the finish line–but she does’t quit–she crawls to the finish.

Pretty? No. Hard? Yes. Did she win the race? No. Did she quit? No.

She had a goal, she had a reason to finish, others were depending on her, and she didn’t let them down. But the

biggest person she didn’t let down was herself.

Remember pain is temporary—regrets are FOREVER!!

To Your Health,


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