Not your expected subject from the Premier Fat Loss Expert—but I have some

issues I have to get off my chest. Yes–my 58 inch, shirt stretching chest.

My wife runs a very, very caring dog rescue. Better Life Canine Center. She

rescues, medically treats, trains, nurtures, and places these dogs with families

that are looking for a family addition. 99% of the time the adopters are vetted great–

that 1% ticks me off. You know the family that lives out of state so they can’t take

advantage of the FREE ongoing training BLCC gives to all adopted dogs through

their program. So these people adopted a dog 6 months ago, it was obedience

trained as all are before being placed. It had anxiety issues after it was placed when

someone came to the door. No biggie, get a trainer get it fixed right. Noooo…

these people just let it go for 5 months until the dog in an high anxiety mode bit a visitor

on the hand. No attack, goodness- a stressed anxious reaction. So my wife gets a call and they

have prayed (yea right) on it and they have to return the dog. Yes, take the dog out of

it’s new home with the 4 kids that love it and bring it back because it would take some

effort on their part to make the dog not react at the door in a stressed out way.

BLCC offered to pay for the training! Yep. BLCC offered to drive 3 hours on the weekend

and help them! Yep. But no these great dog lovers brought him back and now he will

be rotated in and out of a crate until a new home is found for him. Kiss my rear. Man up.

Losers, weinies, frogs–whatever. Then they claim to be this great Christian family–hey

don’t pull that card on me I am an Elder of DWO and we don’t play Christianity we live it.

A REAL Christian is diligent, seeks counsel, and asks for guidance–not turn their back on

what they are to take care of. So, my opinion of these folks is not too high on the richter

scale. Right above , well I won’t say. So if anyone is looking for a great dog contact

BLLC and ask about the dogs they have for adoption–but don’t be a weinie or I will

write about you next. Also go to their site and click the button and become a monthly

sponsor for an awesome group. Tax deductible.

Another thing–I want to run some people off the road when it snows here. Yes I repented


It snows and they don’t clean their windows, mirrors, lights, tail lights. Just turn on the wipers

and bend over and peer through the opening and could care less about any one else. I guess

once they shut their car door they feel like they are in their own little world. Yea they are–

dumbsville. 2,800 tow truck calls in one day here. I’d venture to say many were peering out

their little opening from their wipers. Man up and wipe your flippin’ car down.

Okay time to be Fat Loss Expert again. Whew, sorry about the rants.

And this brings me to those who say it is hard to lose weight, get fit, live a great life.

MAN UP. If it was no issue I wouldn’t have a career.  Was it hard eating that quarter pounder

and biggie fries? Was it hard eating that bag of chips watching my Steelers lose? Was it hard

lapping down that bowl of ice cream? Come on man—control that flesh and live the life you

are supposed to live. You ladies in Metro Detroit area get into Michigan’s Premier Women Boot Camps.

You can join the most complete program that guarantees you results. Will you need to

change some things-yes. Will it be hard sometimes -yes. Will it be worth it – YES! Will you get all

the tools, help, support, guidance, love and kick in the rear when needed? Yes.

Times up, I have to go settle down and relax and repent for my ill will towards others.

Repent yes, forgive yes, forget –not a chance.

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Fat Loss Expert

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