1.5 MILLION vs. 30,000 MAYBE

# Heart disease: 631,636
# Cancer: 559,888
# Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 137,119
# Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,583
# Diabetes: 72,449
# Alzheimer’s disease: 72,432

These are the numbers from the United States government on causes of death in the USA.
Now all we here about is the chance that this flu virus MIGHT come and infect the country
and MIGHT, POSSIBLY, CHANCE OF kill up to 90,000 people. As you might not know we average
60,00 deaths a year from the flu already.

So we are talking about MAYBE 30,000 more people and this is all we here about. Every day it is
a panademic coming and just destroying us. I am not down playing the deaths of those that the
virus will kill–but I see a much larger panademic that is currently running rampant in our country
and really not much being said about it. I am talking about swine flu and you eating like a swine!

From the list above you can attribute 1,5000,000 deaths a year to the lifestyles and eating habits
of our population. Folks that is 1.5 million people who die EVERY year and growing due to poor
eating and lifestyle choices. These things can actually be helped, a virus we have no control
over. So let me ask you-are you more worried about being one of the few who may get the
flu and of those a small percentage who might die from it-or are you going down the road of
many, many more and choosing a lifestyle that is killing 1.5 million just in the USA alone yearly?

You can change what you eat, you can decide to exercise, you can decide not to smoke, or
you can sit home and watch the news and worry about getting the flu while you eat your
potato chips and drink your slurpee and be unaware that you have a much greater chance of
killing yourself this way than the flu taking you out.

Educate yourself on nutrition, get exercising and by doing this you will actually improve your
immune system and reap the benefits of fighting off the flu or cold and also winning the war on
dying early from your choices you make.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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