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Published on April 7, 2009 By randy

Well any saddle you want to put on a
donkey, it’s still a donkey.
Marketing, scamming, lieing, fleecing,
whatever term you want to use they
use them.
SHAMWOW, let me see. A shammy cloth
that has been used for decades to clean
and dry cars off with is now a new product.
They do a great job marketing these shammy
clothes as the newest best thing. Hey gang
go down to your nearest auto parts store
and go to the car wash and wax section–
viola- shammys up the rear. Great case
of marketing.
ACAI Berry cleanse. Hey cleanse your
pipes with the acai berry colon cleanse
and drop inches off your waist. How about
eat veggies and fruit and take a healthy
one and you will drop inches. Most of
Americans eat such a poor diet that if
I fed you tree bark it would clean your pipes.
Save your money and eat some green beans.
This is a good example of marketing and
Now the grand daddy of them all. Global
warming. In my humble opinion, which I
rate as high as Al “Sweaty Face” Gore’s, I think
this pony show has seen it’s last days before
the curtain is pulled back and we see who
is pulling the levers on Oz. That is if the sheep
(the public) wakes up and quits following
politicians who know nothing other than what
high priced lobbyist tell them. Now this is a classic
example of marketing, fleecing, and in my opinion,
What the heck does this have to do with fitness
and weight loss Randy?
Buyer beware. Educate yourself gang. This is a
multi-BILLION dollar industry and don’t for a
minute think that there are people who don’t
want a piece of your money. I have been around
this for 35 years and seen it all come and go
and come back again.
Two things I will reccomend. A good multi-
vitamin and Omega 3′s. Get them here at
a company you can fully trust.