Hey we all have a need for functional strength. What ever level

you are at, you need to be able to preform daily tasks and if

called upon to do some things out of the ordinary. So I don’t care

who you are or what you do–do weight training and keep doing it.

Here is a story where I had to preform and use for me what was

functional strength.

In my younger days I loved driving my Porsche. Loved cruising

with the top off and yes doing a little over the speed limit. Loved

that car except one detail–it came without a jack. Now, the

michelins on that baby would never fail right?

Well I’m cruising on I-69 outside of Flint, Michigan and pushing

it a little. Yes, the front driver side tire blows and I am grabbing

steering wheel and hitting brake pedal. By God’s grace I didn’t

take anyone out including myself. Whew!  All-right I’m sitting

on the freeway shoulder, blown tire, no cell phones back then,

and no jack.

Now go back in time with me here. I was 280 pounds of freaky beef,

I had a ponytail down the middle of my back, I had the required

fu-manchu, I was dressed in a tank top, sweat pants and army boots.

I was a great guy, seriously. Honest. Just happened to look evil.

Well I am standing on the side of the road waiting for a good

samaritan to come to my aid. Despite numerous “waving” to

people in their rear view mirrors, no one came back. Hey, so

I was waving the Hawaiian good luck sign to them.

Well low and behold here comes Mr. State Trooper. Yea the one that

drove by me 2 times checking me out. Well he comes back by and

this time hits his lights and tells me to stand still and not approach

his vehicle. Hey no problem, I’m not going anywhere. After the

pleasantries of asking who I am, what am I doing by this Porsche,

and prove it’s yours, we became regular “pals” .

So here is where the police officer asked me “Are you nuts?”

You see I told him when I lifted the front end of the car for him to

slide off the flat, and slide on the spare, and not to worry about the

lug nuts. 

I responded “Well, no officer, but I believe with your assistance I

can do this Sir” or something like that.

So I lifted, he said some expletives, and he slid on the tire. Just

shaking his head he drove away. Oh, he also put on my lug nuts

for me, nice guy.

The next day in the Flint Journal was an article that the officer

had submitted about the incident. Not the last time the police

wrote about me.

Anyways, this story just shows you never know when you

need to have strength to call up on. I just happened to have

enough for this task.

Now get lifting, get strong, and live a healthy life.

To Your Health,

Randy Woody  #1 Michigan Women Only Bootcamps  Pro Grade Supplements

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