Twas the day after Christmas

And all through the crib,

None of us are moving,

In fact we still wearing our bibs.


We had a feast for kings,

A personal buffet we laid out,

We ate til stuffed,

Burped and ate some more,

Then loaded our Tupperware,

And went on our way.


We rode home sprawled out,

Too stuffed to move,

Belts unbuckled and bellies growing,

Definitely not in our groove.

Feet already swollen,



We went through our door,

Went straight to the kitchen,

We popped open that microwave,

And to our dismay

Ate another rendition,

Of our personal buffet.


Well Jesus is great,

And because of the way we ate,

We got on our knees and prayed,

Thank God for Alka-Seltzer and Tums and Maalox

Now hurry up and peel off my too small socks..


Well it is almost 2009,

We look back in awe,

The food we consumed,

How did we eat it all.


Thank you Randy

And your misses Brenda Sue

For they love you so much,

They had foresight to see,

That health is an issue,

Overeating  a tradition,

Extra weight a burden.

That bad health could not be..


So in true love for you

And a deep seated passion,

A Better Life Fitness Center was planted,

For all of you to go,

To retrieve the health that was lost,

On that personal buffet that was ate,

You must now pay the cost.


So onward Mothers,

Onward fathers, children and friends,

For health is a blessing and an honor to God,

With classes, activities, aerobics and like,

The women boot camps, even recumbent bikes,

Treadmills, and weights, jump ropes and tires,

Whatever it takes to get fit and perspire.


So get off your rears,

Get to the center,

And make this year,

A year to remember,

Your fittest and healthiest,

And remember my dears,

It’s all about choices

So next time you eat,

Make it a meal,

And in fairy tales we keep,

The place for king feasts.




To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert

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