We have embraced it and become a nation of


This is where my word victimitis comes from.

Everyone is a victim of something or someone.

No self responsibility. Hey you have to pull your

weight to be a success. You can’t depend on the

government, your employer, or a bank to do your

doings for you.

Heck in my industry over the last 30 years it is not

the fat persons fault they are fat. It’s McDonald’s,

it’s the teacher that gave you a bad grade, it’s a special

ailment that you have.

Give me a flipping break.

You’re fat because you ate too much. Got it.

McDonald’s doesn’t set your dinner table for you-

you have to go to them to get the garbage they sell.

You are the one who chooses to watch 30 hours of

TV a week instead of getting 20 minutes exercise a night.

Oh wait you have bad knees (yea because you haven’t

moved in 10 years and are 60 pounds overweight).

Speaking of excuses maybe I can throw yours away.

I will list my ailments I have or had and you tell me

what your excuse is.

  • Heart attack at 32 years old
  • Hernia (2)
  • Torn Rotators 3 times
  • Ruptured Ulna nerve
  • Bursitis in both shoulders
  • Torn ligiments in both knees
  • 3 Herniated Discs
  • 1 Ruptured Disc
  • A crushed knee (wall fell on me)
  • And your minor aches and pains that come with having
  • all these and being 50 years old.

Oh, did you know I benched 700 pounds at 45 years old,

I train daily, I am on my feet 15 hours a day, and I am in

better condition than when I was a teenager.

So, are you a victim. Are you making excuses for being

lazy, ignorant, and fat. What is your excuse for being in the

condition you are in?

Please tell me why you are fat and it isn’t your fault.

I am looking forward to hearing some whining. Go ahead

leave me a comment.

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your health & Fitness Expert

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