I’m always saying, if you want new things in your life,

you’ve got to DO new things in your life, right?

Or put another way, if you keep doing what you’ve always

done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

So, the list is not big. Small but important stuff.

But boy, is it inspiring to me to think about how I’m

going to accomplish it!

You’ll notice that each section has some  challenging goals

as well as some more ‘simple’ ones.

In the adventure section I’m talking about flying in a

helicopter and I am deathly afraid of heights, fighting in an

MMA fight, well I like how I look at 50.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I have fears like anyone

else and the thought of some of my adventures both

excites me and grips me with fear at the same time.

But I’m doing them because I want to grow as a person

and experience more… a lot more!

In the education section I’m looking at learning new skills

for my business, my profession and life in general. And mostly

grow spiritually.

My Health and Fitness goals are all pretty obvious but include some

goals that are, even to my ears, are downright crazy. Like getting down to

5% bodyfat. Ouch. Or deadlifting 700 again at 50 years old with 3 herniated


Why did I choose that? I don’t know, it just came to me as a gut feeling,

so I trust it and will do it nonetheless.

My financial goals are huge!

I’ve never set such aggressive goals for my finances before.

I have no history for most of them and don’t even know how

I’m going to make them happen, I just know that I’ll be taking

action on multiple fronts at once and bringing to life into ideas

I’ve had for a long time but done nothing about.

My relationship goals are for me to connect with the most

important people in my life and show them that I care.

Like most people, I often get caught up with ‘busyness’ of business 

and forget to show my family how important they are to me.

I’ve taken a lot of action over the last few years to improve this,

like regular vacations, giving up weekend work and trying to be off

phone at the latest 10pm.

I hope that, in some way, they encourage you to think

bigger about your own goals and give you the confidence

to go for what you really want, rather than settling for the

ordinary that most people do.

So here I am transparent for every one to see.

Go on, share your big goals… I dare ya! Double dare ya!


·        Fly in a helicopter

·        Scuba dive

·        Own a chopper

·        Fight in an MMA fight

·        Climb a rock wall


·        Read the Bible all the way through again

·        Get series 7 securities license

·        Get certified as a holistic herboligist

·        Read 12 business books

·        Learn HTML



·        Get bodyfat to 5% and do photos

·        Get to bed by 11pm 6 nights

·        Walk 30 minutes EVERY day

·        Fast 1 day every week

·        Deadlift 700 pounds



·        Increase tithing to 20%

·        Double Women Only Bootcamp income

·        Have 400 clients through GCFinancial

·        Have membership website with over 200 members

·        Pay off ALL debt, including house

·        Set up trust fund to secure Brenda’s future

·        Set up bank account for Brenda and her projects

·        Help a family with bills



·        Have dinner with Brenda every Saturday & Sunday

·        Book a surprise vacation for Brenda

·        Teach Brenda to swim and shoot guns

·        Have dinner with a couple once every month

·        Give Brenda a massage every weekend


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert






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