What’s with that title randy?
Well I see people extolling the virtues
of being fat is okay. Just love youself
for who you are. Accept your body
and don’t worry about it. Have high
self esteem, no matter how fat you
Can you give me one good reason for
being fat? I mean can you tell me one
positive thing for being fat? Go ahead
I’ll wait for the answer.
Come on, just give me one senario where
being fat is a positive.
Okay, times up.
What did you come up with?
As we know there is no good that comes
with being fat. Lots of negatives. You know
the list–high blood pressure, diabetes,
heart disease, heck name a disease and it
is most likely nutrition oriented.
Come on now, you and I both know that
there is no good that comes from being fat.
So why are you then?
If you are one of the 30 percent in the
USA who isn’t–praise God.
The rest of you–yes you–get off the
couch, put down the Doritos, and get moving.
Hey it’s all about choices. Don’t go looking
for the rest of us to pay for your health care
because you are eating your way to an early death.
Love ya, but ain’t following ya.
So get on a eating program, get exercising, and
don’t be a statistic.
Never too late to change.
Remember it’s all about choices.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitnes Expert
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