257 And Going Down

Wrapping up Sunday. Sunday’s are always an awesome day for me as I can actually awake
on my own–no alarm clock. Gather myself,get some coffee, and sit down and read my Bible
in quiet and peace.
Then I will make my breakfast–today was 3 whole eggs and 3 ounces of left over chicken
breast cut up in it. I also added some red pepper and onion. Great breakfast.
This was at 8:30 am. After church service, around 2:00 pm today I went to our “green room”
and had 4 hard boiled eggs. These were cage free also. Yes we take care of business even
in our church green room.
I stopped at the store on the way home and grabbed some whole wheat wraps and some
jalapenos. Why jalapenos you ask–hang on.
We know certain foods can kick up your body’s energy expenditure and the capsicum in the
jalapenos will do just that. Remember my goal is to drop fat so anything that will assist I
will add to my arsenal. I have declared war on my fat and I will pull out all the artillery I can
to annihilate the enemy (fat). And this is the mindset you should take.

So 4pm I proceeded to make my own salsa. Into my blender went: a whole onion diced up,
a whole red pepper diced up, a whole jar of jalapenos rinsed, a can of diced tomatoes(didn’t
want to take the time to dice up the ones I had), salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and get
this–a drop of real rendered down capsicum –(don’t try this if you haven’t before). Pulsed my
blender and BAM- home made salsa. Total time 5 minutes. Filled 3 jars and got my high octane
little metabolism booster that tastes great.

So let me get to my daily eating:
Breakfast: 3 whole eggs and 3 ounces chicken with peppers and onions.
Lunch: 4 hard boiled eggs
Dinner: 2 chicken wraps with 3 ounces chicken each, salsa, and whole wheat wraps.
Later:(8pm) I used romaine lettuce to wrap my chicken and had 3 more using 8 ounces of chicken
and my home made salsa.

I won’t go to bed til midnight tonight so I might sneak in another lettuce wrap!!

I am down another pound this morning and have yet to exercise!! 4 pounds since
9-11-09. That starts Monday.

Let’s get this ball rolling and come along for the ride with me. The only thing you have to
lose coming with me is —FAT.

51 And Fit Project
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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