First off I want to apologize for my missing
in action. After my surgery I have been
moving in slow motion. Working with my
clients an average of 10 hours a day left
me when I got home just plain too tired to
even log on let alone post a new article.
So my apologies.

Now it is Memorial weekend. Honor those
that sacrificed for us. My highest honor.

But I get a little uneasy as this signifies the
start of the party season. We look forward to
every weekend now to celebrate something.
Whether a graduation, wedding, holiday, or
summer vacation, something is going on.
Then we flow right into labor day, then Halloween,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So unless you
stay on top your game you can put on as much
weight now as any time of the year.

I was talking to a client today, have her starting
a new eating regimen. She flat out said she was
going to get her eat on this weekend as we are
celebrating our co-Pastor’s birthday and she was
going to as she says “get her eat on.”

The trouble is the following weekend is her children’s
graduation party, then she has 2 more to go to the
next two weekends, then there is the 4th of July.

Where do you draw the line? I simply draw it right now.

If I have an event coming up, and you know when they
are they don’t just happen. I will really tighten up my
eating for that week, I mean try and actually lose weight,
then I will allow myself that ONE meal.

You can do this and have fun and celebrate with everyone
else and still lose weight.

Limit your carbs to under 60 grams Monday thru Friday,
then have your meal on Saturday and you can actually
boost your metabolism to burn higher the next couple days.
But it is important that you get right back on track the
next morning.

You could go into winter lighter, healthier, and still having
enjoyed your summer and all the events and not feel
deprived or left out.

Remember, fat doesn’t discriminate seasons, it’ll jump on
you in the summer just as soon as the winter.

Hope this helps.

To Your Health
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert


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