I get asked all the time.

“Randy, I have been trying to lose weight
and it’s not working.”

My reply is “Okay, I can help you drop
that weight easily.”

Does it happen? If they listen.
Often? No.
Why not? 5 mistakes people make.

1. Thinking if they eat next to nothing
all day they will drop fat. We need a calorie
deficit but we need the proper ratio of
proteins, fats, and carbs to maintain muscle
and drop fat and control our blood sugar.

2. Trying to be perfect. Ain’t going to
happen. I repeat-ain’t going to happen.
Give yourself some wiggle room and don’t
beat yourself up if you slip up.

3. Doing countless situps to lose belly
fat. Don’t work that way. Either does doing
200 curls and getting a lean arm now does it?
Your body is one unit, can’t divide it up and
spot reduce fat.

4. Doing commando cardio. Short intense
cardio burns more that long moderate cardio.
Yes, watching Oprah and walking on the
treadmill isnt going to cut it.

5. Not doing weight training. You want to
burn fat–build muscle. And no you will not
turn into the hulk ladies. You are talking
about a paper thick sheet of muscle that
will turn your body into a fat burning machine.

There you have it. Simple, effective, proven,
but not “fun.” And it should be work as it is
called working out, not funning out.

So get busy, get with a professional, and
get healthy.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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