Oh wow, where do I start? I have been MIA the last week or so. First off let me
apologize. No excuse to use, just super busy, super fatigued, and even a little depressed
I think. Not that I have any reason to be depressed, I am so blessed it’s crazy. But I
think the injuries on my body and the work I have been putting in has just plain wore
me down. And I can tell my body is not responding at all to the exercise and diet like it
has in the past. I need to go go some blood tests done and have my hormone levels
checked—as every person over 40 should do annually. Yes you too women!!

Any ways, like I said my body is in total rebellion with my mind. What’s up with that?
Maybe it is because I am going to be 51 next month and my body is telling me that it
is throwing a little revolt and going to show me.

Last time I talked to you all I was shooting for 247 by that Saturday morning–well I am
actually UP TO 252 this morning!!! What gives?

Well I know that my body is in a state of repair still, and my leg is actually giving me fits,
and 3 of my discs are really inflamed right now also. So I know my body is holding onto
water to cushion my joints and also preserving calories to heal my muscles. Praise God
for the awesome body we were given.

But, hey I am wanting to lose fat right now so I will have to switch it up a little. Now here
is where a lot of folks would panic or just plain throw their hands up and say what is the
use. No, no, no. I will relax, realize what is going on, and keep on track as I have a goal
and I also want to be healthier.

So, gang, I am apologizing for being absent, we have 5 boot camps going now, and my personal
training, and my book writing, and also learning the finance info I need for a project that I
was super naturally blessed with, and I still have a wife, a home, and 5 dogs. So I will get
better with time management, and take notes from my mentor Bishop Gibert, and be on
track again.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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