Let’s get right to brass tacks here okay. If you bend

over to tie your shoes and you have “stuff” rolling

over your waistband–you are fat.

If you wave at the family goodby and your arm

keeps moving for 10 minutes you’re fat. If you

think it’s okay to wear a size 20 and it looks cute-

you’re fat.

What is it with people admitting they are fat? Like if they

admit it they will have to do something about it or what.

Sheesh, folks 65% of the United States is fat, so odds are

you are fat. So get over it, quit throwing stones at me for

calling you out and get off your fat a*# and do something

about getting rid of that fat. Sheesh, get over yourself.

There was that bold enough for you. Did I hurt your feelings,

well I hope I lit a fire under your butt and you are ready to get


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Come in, get moving, and get rid of that fat.

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

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