Welcome back loyal and faithful readers. Well actually welcome me back as I have taken a break
from posting here as I have been working on some projects dear to my heart.

First I have been working on a book I will soon have out laying out in simple terms how it really is
easy and not complicated at all to live a healthy and fulfilled life. This book will blow the lid off of
many so called experts who try and sound like they just discovered a new supplement or diet that
will totally revolutionize the world of fat loss. These come around every 6 months or so from all the
internet marketing fat loss experts who all pull together and promote each other’s material. For profit
of course and also so when they take their turn every one will promote them. Interesting isn’t it how
one month they come out with the best plan and 5 months later they are promoting their friends plan
as the newest and best plan. Quite amusing if it wasn’t preying on the emotions of those trying to lose
weight. I expect to have the book done by September and available before Thanksgiving.

I also took a side road in my career and added a component that fits perfectly with what I have
been doing for over 30 years–that of helping people be healthy and fit. I have been working with
people to become financially healthy and fit also. I have actually been helping people secure their
retirement so as they age and live a healthy life they can actually afford to enjoy those retirement
years. So this new addition to my life’s path is a great addition to what I already have been doing.

Another factor that has kept me from posting is we have experienced a nice growth in our fitness
boot camps and with the added number of women comes the responsibility of giving them every tool
I can to make their efforts a success. I have been going over their food journals, answering questions
through e-mail, and even doing phone consultations (all of these they get when enrolling in our boot camps).

I have also been nursing my injured knees and thigh! It has gotten to he point where I have decided
that it is time to have my right knee joint completely replaced. This is the knee that had a wall fall on
it in 1989 and was told then I need to have it replaced. Well I have put it off up to now but my quality
of life is not where I want it. I am in constant pain, cannot go for walks with Brenda in our back yard,
cannot pedal a bike, actually Brenda has to help me put my pants on and my socks and shoes!! Yuch,
God bless her but this is unacceptable and can be fixed with a new joint. So I am scheduling this for
around Labor Day so I won’t miss much as we will be taking a break then for 3 days any ways. Also
by getting my right knee repaired I will be able to finish rehabbing and strengthening my left leg that
was totally repaired last summer. So come fall you will have a new and improved Randy. Yea.

Now a bad note, because of the inactivity I have had since my surgery on my left leg I have gained
40 pounds!!! Whoa–how did that happen Randy? Well, inactivity, depression, and having a history of
being obese it was the perfect storm. But as of June 14th I will be embarking on my regimen that I use
for everyone else who is limited in physical activity and I will journal it here for you to see so you can
see how simple it is and how effective it is without being able to do countless hours on the bike or
treadmill. Actually I cannot do either one right now.

So welcome back, hang on, and let’s go on this journey called life together and slay those dragons
and fend off those fiery darts that get thrown our way.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
Michigan’s Premier Women Only Boot Camps

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