Many people contact me telling me they want to lose weight and get fit.

Other people tell me they desire to get the fat off they are carrying.

Others are wishing they could just lose that fat that they have been carrying around for years.

Then there are those that have a goal to get healthy and do what ever it takes to get there.

My job as the world’s premier fat loss expert is to take you from wanting, desiring and wishing
to having a goal to accomplish what you have been wanting to do for some time.

It isn’t enough to just want to get healthy, heck I want to be 6 feet tall.
Desire is a term for longing for something you really don’t believe you can obtain.
And a wish is what you do when you blow out birthday candles.

Now a goal—a goal is a concrete vision of what you are going after. A goal has a plan in
place to get there. A goal is an actual specific target that you will hit.

So how do we turn wants, desires, and wishes into goals? You have to sit down and really
know what you are striving for. You have to develop a systematic plan to take you there.
And you have to know that you will succeed.

This has been my career for the last 32 years, helping people recognize their real goal and to
help them develop the plan to get there. I have helped thousands do just that. Where are you
at right now? Are you wishing you could lose that 20 pounds you gained after college? Are
you desiring to get back that high school figure? Do you want to get that waist down those 4 inches
you picked up in the last 3 years?

After you read this go sit down by yourself, turn off the t.v and the phone, and really be honest
with yourself and write down what it is you want to achieve with your body and health.

Next how are you going to get there, how long are you giving yourself, what steps are you going
to take to get there? This is where most all people fail. Why? Because if they knew the answers to
these questions they would have already accomplished their goal. Because they don’t know what
to do they end up doing nothing. Then that piece of paper that was a goal is just a memory and now
they are wishing, wanting, desiring. This is mental torture and so draining on one’s self esteem and

Now how can you avoid falling in this mess? Well if you could afford to and was accessible to me
you could hire me. That isn’t realistic for many. So I urge you to search out a reputable professional
trainer in your area who has a proven track record with helping people like you.

Are you tired of wishing? Are you just sick of wanting something that you can’t seem to get? Has
your desire to get there diminished? If that is you please do yourself a great favor and invest in
yourself and search out for that person that you can connect with that can help you.

I look forward to hearing about all your success stories.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

Michigan Women’s Premier Boot Camp

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