Okay, gang here goes a very sad story about a dog named Fred.

Fred belonged to an old farmer named Jed. Jed had a neighbor
farmer named Ted. One late afternoon after tilling the crops,
Ted, Jed, and Fred were on Jed’s front porch.

Well as they sipped their iced tea and watched the sun slowly
lower to the horizon Ted couldn’t be quiet any more.

You see Fred was laying on the porch and letting out a yelp every
10 minutes or so for the last 3 hours. So during that time Fred
had been just constantly letting out a yelp every 10 minutes.

So Ted finally looks at Jed with bewilderment and says “Jed, what
in the dickens is wrong with Fred?”

Jed calmly takes his gaze off the sunset, looks at Fred, then
casts his eyes over to Ted and as he squints says calmly “Ted,
Fred is sitting on a tack and it must be hurting him.”

Ted asks ‘Well why doesn’t he move.”

Jed, looking back at the sunset with a squint is his eyes
replies, “Well, Ted, I figure ole Fred there is hurting
and letting us know he’s hurting, but he must not be hurting
enough to move.”

This story reminds me of people who are always asking me for
advice or help.
They complain about their weight, their energy, or their health.
They are “in Pain” of where they are at.

But after I give them what they ask, they like Fred don’t move.
They just don’t want to put any effort forward to make the
change that they need to do to get out of the “pain” that they
are in. And come next time I see them they will still be where
I last seen them–sitting on their own personal tack–but just
not moving and living like this even though they don’t have too.

So hey, if you got a “pain”, is it enough to make you move, or
just enough to howl about so people hear about it.

Don’t be a Fred, get moving and do what you need to do to
live that life that is yours. Enjoy it, get off that tack,
get off that porch, and get out in that field and enjoy life.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
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